Recent Email From the Mouse

What follows is an email from the Drunken Mouse, sent yesterday and still amusing me today: Had a few drinks last night and you were a momentary topic of conversation: OVERHEARD ABOUT JEN HUBLEY IN NEW YORK Drunk 1: So your friend Jen... Drunken Mouse: Yeah? Drunk 1: She is a good drinker. Drunken Mouse: That …

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Economic Indicator: Booze Consumption Goes up

Lily: Do you use twitter? I've been told that if I don't, I can't call myself a modern woman. Which is funny, because there's not much I would rather NOT be.Me: Oh, I don't think that's true. I thought cigarettes were supposed to make us modern women. Or wait - was it loneliness? I forget …

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Even More Random Than Usual

My weekend, in bullet form:I did my taxes. I'm actually getting money back, which never happens. I'm not sure why. Everyone else I know takes their refunds and buys a small Caribbean island with them. I went to three birthday parties. I will definitely need that tax refund now. There were a lot of cabs. …

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