Stomach Bug + The Blues = All-Day Sleeping

Laura: How are you?Me: Oh, you know. I made myself take a shower today.Laura: Good for you! Everyone has this stomach thing, and it really blows. It’s so bad, that people are calling me to do things later in the week, and I’m all, “Jeez, I don’t know. I can’t imagine ever being well again,Continue reading “Stomach Bug + The Blues = All-Day Sleeping”

Back in the Day, It Just Went Without Saying at All

Sometimes, New York knows I’m falling out of love, and then she pulls out all the stops. Tonight, I went to a show, which I never do, and then I went out for drinks, which I do too often. A boy talked to me. He was much too young. I made him play a game.Continue reading “Back in the Day, It Just Went Without Saying at All”