Recent Email From the Mouse

What follows is an email from the Drunken Mouse, sent yesterday and still amusing me today:

Had a few drinks last night and you were a momentary topic of conversation:


Drunk 1: So your friend Jen…
Drunken Mouse: Yeah?
Drunk 1: She is a good drinker.
Drunken Mouse: That is why we are best pals. We been drinkin’ each other under the table for years.

Drunken Mouse: She is wee and Irish and I have no idea where she puts it.
Drunks 1 & 2: Oh we know where she puts it.
Drunken Mouse: Hardy har har.

Drunk 2: No, seriously she’s bad-ass with her “I dare you not to look at my boobs” thing.
Drunken Mouse: That is BS. I just look. Lady Mouse looks and I am pretty sure God looks too. They are great and she is sharing the view.

Drunk 2: Does she have a boyfriend?
Drunken Mouse: She does now.
Drunk 2: Does he get upset about you guys hanging out?
Drunken Mouse: I don’t think so. Besides,”Bros before hoes.”

Ladies and gentlemen, this is why I get to be a groomsman at his wedding.

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I'm a freelance writer and editor.

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