Coworker Dennis Quote of the Day

"I can't talk to him! He's not wearing any socks."


Wisdom From teh Webernets

Me: I find it really annoying that women don't put their birth years down on their facebooks. Coworker Dennis: Why?Me: Because it's dumb, that's why. Also, I want to know if [redacted] looks good for her age. Coworker Dennis: She's 27.Me: How do you know?Coworker Dennis: All women are 27. The entire world was born …

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I’ve Been Coasting on This for Years

Coworker Dennis: i hate christopher hitchensJennie Smash: me tooJennie Smash: but why do you hate him today?Jennie Smash: because he's a self-hating homo?Jennie Smash: because he gives drunks a bad name?Jennie Smash: there are so many reasonsCoworker Dennis: because Slate is willing to publish an article all about why he doesn't like someoneJennie Smash: ok, …

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