I Actually LOLed

Coworker Dennis has been looking at condos lately, and I’ve been going with him, because everyone should have a fake wife to alternately play good cop/demand to know what this maintenance is for, anyway.

The search has had a salutary effect on his self esteem, as evidenced by the following conversation:

Jennie Smash: are you lunching today?

Coworker Dennis: i have a meeting at 1

JennieSmash: oh poop

Coworker Dennis: so i might run to the post office and get a nasty burrito at qdoba

Coworker Dennis: because buying apartments makes me feel sexy

JennieSmash: oh good for you

Coworker Dennis: and i don’t care as much

JennieSmash: HA

JennieSmash: isn’t that great?

Coworker Dennis: it sort of is

Coworker Dennis: like, oh, you don’t want to date me? well you live on 110th street and i’m buying in a big glass pool-filled orgasm palace on the river with the best view on earth

JennieSmash: HA HA HA

JennieSmash: you are actually killing me

Coworker Dennis: yay! mission accomplished

Published by Jen Hubley Luckwaldt

I'm a freelance writer and editor.

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