Good Help

Coworker Dennis: when is your date and where?
Coworker Dennis: I want to sit with a giant menu at the next booth
Coworker Dennis: even if it’s at a bar. i will bring my own giant menu
Jennie Smash: please do
Jennie Smash: where’s your date tonight?
Coworker Dennis: TBD
Coworker Dennis: if it happens
Jennie Smash: it’ll happen
Jennie Smash: or you can just come on mine
Jennie Smash: “this is my chaperone, dennis”
Coworker Dennis: wouldn’t that be funny?
Jennie Smash: we’d have to film it
Coworker Dennis: “he’s going to sit between us”
Jennie Smash: “it’s important that he likes you, so do what he says”
Coworker Dennis: and then he can ask questions like “where are you from originally” and i’d whisper to you not to answer it
Jennie Smash: ha ha ha
Coworker Dennis: then i can pull you away to all the different dates you have to go on while you apologize

Published by Jen Hubley Luckwaldt

I'm a freelance writer and editor.

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