Conversation With Adam

I’m nervously watching my Facebook today to see if the stolen data notice pops up. In the meantime, memories like these are why it’s so hard to think about leaving. From a few years back: Adam: Ugh, everything’s terrible. Me: I’m gonna fix it for you. Adam: How? Me: I’m gonna draw a dick onContinue reading “Conversation With Adam”

My Facebook Feed Hates America

So, you might have heard that Sunday was a pretty good news day. The 24-hour news cycle being what it is, I figured we’d probably start seeing backlash sometime tonight. I was maybe a little naive, at least as far as Facebook goes. (And if it doesn’t happen on Facebook, does it really happen atContinue reading “My Facebook Feed Hates America”

I’m Actually Surprisingly Bad at Scrabble

Facebook has this excellent thing called Scrabulous, which lets you play Scrabble with all your internet friends. Most of my internet friends are writerly, so I spend a lot of my time getting my ass kicked. For example, I am currently losing four games. Scrabble also has a message function, via which I just hadContinue reading “I’m Actually Surprisingly Bad at Scrabble”

Wisdom From teh Webernets

Me: I find it really annoying that women don’t put their birth years down on their facebooks. Coworker Dennis: Why? Me: Because it’s dumb, that’s why. Also, I want to know if [redacted] looks good for her age. Coworker Dennis: She’s 27. Me: How do you know?Coworker Dennis: All women are 27. The entire worldContinue reading “Wisdom From teh Webernets”