Coworker Dennis Puts It Succinctly

Me: So, how do we feel about the fact that a boy I went on one date with just wrote to me on MySpace to ask me to go to the Netherlands with him over Thanksgiving?Coworker Dennis: Um.Me: Yeah. Keep in mind that this one date? Was six months ago. Coworker Dennis: ‘No, I don’tContinue reading “Coworker Dennis Puts It Succinctly”

Tales From the Party

A boy bit my arm Saturday night. He staggered over to me at a party, slumped down in a chair, leaned over and bit my bare arm. And then he chewed it for a minute. “Well, hello,” I said. “Can I help you?” “Sorry, sorry, sorry,” he slurred, wiping off my arm. “I’m so drunk.”Continue reading “Tales From the Party”