Seriously, How Does Anyone Buy a House?

I’m definitely a little depressed lately, so it’s possible that I’m being overly pessimistic, but I’ve been looking at the numbers and it’s pretty clear that we are never going to become homeowners. It’s not like we we’re planning on it in the near future. We live in possibly the world’s cutest little cottage. WeContinue reading “Seriously, How Does Anyone Buy a House?”

“It’s a Trap!”

The other night, Sgt Lucky and I were sitting around the house, doing what we usually do, which is: -Writing little stories (me) -Drawing comics (him) -Eating dietic delights (both) -Drinking wine, just for our hearts (both) -Watching Comedy Central (both) When his phone rang. Sighing hugely, he dug around in four pockets and finallyContinue reading ““It’s a Trap!””

NaNoWriMo Is Turning Me Into a Crank

The neighbors are cooking something that smells for all the world like parakeet droppings. I’m starting to really hope that I’m having a stroke instead, because otherwise, those poor souls really shouldn’t be allowed to cook for themselves. I did see other humans today, you’ll be happy to hear. (Do these posts seem at allContinue reading “NaNoWriMo Is Turning Me Into a Crank”