I’m Actually Surprisingly Bad at Scrabble

Facebook has this excellent thing called Scrabulous, which lets you play Scrabble with all your internet friends. Most of my internet friends are writerly, so I spend a lot of my time getting my ass kicked. For example, I am currently losing four games.

Scrabble also has a message function, via which I just had the following conversation:

Jen H: everyone is raping me at scrabble today

Ross P: so many things in one sentence! aargh!

Published by Jen Hubley Luckwaldt

I'm a freelance writer and editor.

5 thoughts on “I’m Actually Surprisingly Bad at Scrabble

  1. hey,
    I really hope this doesn’t come out awkward and creepy, but I found the link to your blog through blacktable (which I discovered after its death,and had a week long marathon reading it in its entirety). I just wanted to say I really enjoy your blog, its witty (good humor is surprisingly hard to come by) and based in new york! I also wanted to say I feel your pain, I am getting my ass kicked in scrabulous as well.
    – Joanna

  2. Not creepy at all, Joanna! Although, at first I thought you were my friend Joanna, and I was wondering why you weren’t just emailing me. Ahem.

  3. I really enjoy your blog, too, but using the word “raping” as a verb in relation to anything trivial is insensitive. As someone who’s been raped, it’s mortifying to read cavalier and glib usage of the word. You are fortunate not to know what it feels like to really be raped. I hope it never happens to you.

  4. I took, am a Black Table generated creepy Internets "friend" of the Smash. I was hoping to stalk Jennie to get to Amy Blair, but now I totally ❤ the Smash.

    My comment is that Jennie shouldn’t use the word “chunks” in any posts dealing with Aunt Flo.

    Just sayin’


  5. My friends have decided that “Chunky White Discharge” would be a fantastic name for a band.

    I too am a blacktable follower of The Smash.

    I have 14 games of Scrabulous going right now. me loves da scrabble.

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