Hard to Believe I’m Single

me: roooooooosss rooooo kangaroossss roooonsRoss: you out to get me? invisibly? hi thereme: rooooo i had to go invisible i’m being stalked. not in a fun way not with the great charm with which i’m stalking you Ross: oh damn. you got t o make the joke before i did. he’s still sticking to itContinue reading “Hard to Believe I’m Single”

Fashion Week Is Here Again

Hello, my pals. It’s time once again for me to view the clothes you will be wearing months and months from now, and write about them on Ye Olde About.com: http://www.about.com/fashionweek.htm. There should be a new picture going up soon that makes me look less like the Joker. That’s the rumor, anyway. Please enjoy. (TheContinue reading “Fashion Week Is Here Again”