Fashion Week Is Here Again

Once again, I am blogging my little heart out for Fashion Week. I am very tired. Here’s how tired: Earlier today, I called Max Azria “Hank Azaria.” Fortunately, not to his face. Get serious. I’m in Standing Room.

Anyway, here’s the link for your enjoyment and mockery.

Published by Jen Hubley Luckwaldt

I'm a freelance writer and editor.

4 thoughts on “Fashion Week Is Here Again

  1. JS! is all good things, including cute. Which is why that pic on the fashion blog is a real injustice. Is there something in her teeth?

  2. Hi, my name’s Moe. Or as the ladies like to refer to me, ‘hey you in the bushes’

    While I was in the bushes, I got to talk to jenniesmash about people in fashion. They think they’re so high and mighty, just because they never got caught driving without pants. Smash laughed and I said she was kinda cute. I based this on the parts that are showing. I guess she could have a lot of weird scars or a fake ass or something.

    All right! I’m going to go and ogle the ladies in the Victoria’s Secret catalog. I’m meeting that creep, er, fashion guru Taupey.

    –Moe “BCBG” Syzlak

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