And Yet I Love Gatherings

So here I am, back in New York after a lovely two weeks at the Cape, where I did very little except read crappy mysteries and grow freckles. (If I could turn either one into a new career, I would.) Two weeks is the perfect amount of time to go away, because by the end …

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I Am a Sweaty Girl

It's hotter than Mercury here in NYC, which is a problem is you're a sweaty person like me. Most people sweat in this weather: What I do is mutate into a human sprinkler. I seriously look like I've been hit with a hose. Like maybe one of those guys who's always spraying down the sidewalks …

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Two Conversations: Mostly-Shirt-Free Lady on the Train

Me: Oh my God. Matthew: I know.Me: Look at them.Matthew: I am. OK, don't look at them.Me: Sorry. They're just mesmerizing.Matthew: Uh huh.Me: Maybe we could draw little eyes on them.Matthew: [Looking at me in alarm.]Me: And stick a carrot between them!Matthew: ...Me: And then do you know what we'd have?Matthew: SNOW BOOBS!Matthew: You. …

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