Update on the Subway

My week began on Tuesday with vomiting. Not mine, I’m pleased to report. Someone else’s. I got out of the subway and there she was, Ms. Honorary Monday Hangover Right-Now, puking elaborately into a trashcan just outside the 14th street F. Now, if she’d looked distressed, I might’ve stopped and lent a hand. I don’t,Continue reading “Update on the Subway”

Two Conversations: Mostly-Shirt-Free Lady on the Train

Me: Oh my God. Matthew: I know. Me: Look at them. Matthew: I am. OK, don’t look at them. Me: Sorry. They’re just mesmerizing.Matthew: Uh huh. Me: Maybe we could draw little eyes on them. Matthew: [Looking at me in alarm.]Me: And stick a carrot between them! Matthew: …Me: And then do you know whatContinue reading “Two Conversations: Mostly-Shirt-Free Lady on the Train”