Day 25 of the Fast Metabolism Diet: Transition

Well, I wound up transitioning sooner than I thought I would, in part because, without getting too graphic, I was in a fair amount of intestinal distress last night after a day of faithful phase 2 eating. The meat phase, as I have come to think of it, has never been my favorite. I refusedContinue reading “Day 25 of the Fast Metabolism Diet: Transition”

Day 19 of the Fast Metabolism Diet: I Have Solved Traveling for You

I’m about to get on a train with two Gladware tubs of veggies, turkey, and hummus, and a baggie of nuts. NUTS. Go ahead and make a joke. I’ve been eating nut butter all month, a few days a week, at least, so I’m used to it.

Day 18 of the Fast Metabolism Diet: Minor Setback

No, I didn’t eat non-plan food or start guzzling gin out of my shoe in the children’s playground down the block. (Despite what the police might try to tell you.) I gained two pounds this morning, and I think it was entirely because of stress. Yesterday was the day when nothing would go right. IContinue reading “Day 18 of the Fast Metabolism Diet: Minor Setback”