Day 17 of the Fast Metabolism Diet: The Accidental Dieter

My husband has lost three pounds on this diet so far. The only problem is, he’s not on it. Also, he doesn’t need to lose weight. He is, however, eating what I cook, and that seems to be making a difference.

A lesser wife might be annoyed at such a person, but I am a superior kind of wife, and so I only muttered, very lovingly, under my breath for half an hour or so when I discovered his weight loss. I would be the last person to point out that he’s still eating pizza twice a week for lunch and puts cheese on everything. I would never complain like that to you about life’s unfairness.

I have heard, however, that even in couples where both parties have perfectly healthy metabolisms, if one of the parties is male, he loses weight faster. I guess if both halves of the couple are male, and neither has metabolic issues, they just have a metabolism-off.

“I lost three pounds just by thinking about giving up cheese!”

“I had a lite beer and now I fit in my swimsuit from college.”

It’s possible that I am slightly bitter. But perhaps when all of this is done, I, too, will have an amazing metabolism. I promise if that happens, I will only use my powers for good.

This appears to be a street sign. Possibly on the *worst road ever*.
This appears to be a street sign. Possibly on the *worst road ever*.

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7 thoughts on “Day 17 of the Fast Metabolism Diet: The Accidental Dieter

  1. Right? My hubby is the exact same… he just thinks about losing weight and drops 5 pounds. SO FRUSTRATING!!! While he is incredibly supportive, sometimes he just doesn’t get how hard it is for me to lose weight. “oh come on… one glass of wine won’t hurt.” sigh….

    Ah well… I am phase 2 (blech) week 4… down about 13 pounds (most of that seemed to happen week 1! weird!) and going strong. I am going to carry on… have a trip planned for July that I want to have good pictures from!

    Stay strong!

  2. So Funny! And yes, I deal with the same thing. He can skip a meal if his mind is preoccupied with something else. Really??? I now tell him he will get fat and his metabolism will slow way down if he skips a meal 😉 Last night he came home from work late, started on a project and then decided to just have cookies and milk for dinner. (I was out until 8pm last night). VERY FRUSTRATING!!! But, he is also incredibly supportive and understands how important this is to me. xo

  3. Ha! Funny one. 🙂 I was saying the other day how hubby (who is thinner now than he was in HS…) must think I am losing my mind because he’ll say something like ‘how about that chili you made the other day for dinner tonight?’ and my reply will be ‘nope, not a chili day’. Or ‘Can we have pasta for dinner?’ and me: ‘not a pasta day’…lol…This morning he confided in me that he’s been peeking at my book while it’s been hanging out on the kitchen counter this month and he thinks he’s doing it all wrong…by drinking copious amounts of coffee, exercising on an empty stomach, yadda yadda. Men. :/
    On a related note, down another two pounds, for a total of 15 on day 24. Sweet!

  4. What is it with some of our men??? My 6’3 195 pound hubby told me that he’s wants to do FMD part time because he is feeling fat. I wanted to throw my slow cooker at him but it was filled with the turkey chili.

  5. Seriously… My husband I are doing FMD right now. We are on day 10. I’ve lost 5 lbs, he has lost 9. *sigh*

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