Day 23 of the Fast Metabolism Diet: Corn Palace

I’m now close to the end of the diet, but I keep forgetting. For example, yesterday, I made chili, and used up the last of the dairy-free tomato soup. My first thought was, “Oh, I better get some more for next week.” Only next week, of course, I don’t have to be scrupulous about making sure the tomato soup is dairy-free.

I’m still going to stick with a lot of the recipes, though, so it’s good that I’m programmed. My goal is to reintroduce foods slowly, so I can see if I have any problems with the stuff I’ve been avoiding. Except for corn syrup and soy. I’d be happy to avoid those forever.

I was talking to my dad about the diet plan the other day, and he pointed out that the obesity epidemic in this country started right around the time we swapped out sugar for corn syrup, and then put it in everything. I have no idea if this is true, because that would require research, and frankly, I’m so busy with work right now, I’d have to pay myself to do that, or I’d feel like I was putting one over on me.

Still, it makes sense to me. Dad says that when he was a kid, soy and corn silage were what they fed the cows to fatten them up. If it works on a cow, it should work on us. Maybe we should keep corn for cookouts and corn palaces.

What foods are permanently on your no-eat list now?


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7 thoughts on “Day 23 of the Fast Metabolism Diet: Corn Palace

  1. Soy and HFCS and at least for a while longer wheat, gluten, and dairy. I’ve already stuffed my face with chocolate otherwise I would have said sugar. I do really miss corn chips and corn tortillas. I miss mexican food in general but am finding cheese makes me feel terrible. Plus is causes a constant trumpeting sound to announce my presence. I can live without the trumpets……

  2. I actually will be doing one more month, day 28 is Saturday for me.I actually plan on continue eating like this,forever. For one reason only,I have NO cravings. I was the queen of chocolate, candy bars, chips. During that special time of the month!

  3. Hi Jennie. I will never eat corn again. Also nothing ever processed. I feel like I’ve worked so hard to lose this weight so am determined to not gain any back.

  4. I agree, no corn, no dairy, no wheat. These I am really going to try and make a permanent change. I am also weak when it comes to chocolate and sugar. I will not be adding any extra, nor consuming anything fake. I do not ever want to see these 15 return ever. I still have not had alcohol. ( day 2 of real food). Already feels like an eternity! Still eating left over meals from plan. The only changes have been addition of bananas, and mixing grains with meat everyday.

  5. I’m going to stay away from as much white stuff as I can….mayo, white bread, white pasta…things like that. I am going to make a real effort to stay away from dairy unless it’s a FANTASTIC piece of cheese or real decadent ice cream (I never ate a lot of these things, it really was always just a treat) and just try eating more basic, clean and incorporate more veggies at every meal.

  6. Your comments are great ladies… this plan really has taught us what is good for us and what isn’t! It is amazing how prevalent all the “bad” stuff is in our processed food. It is true that our prosperity / laziness is coming back to haunt us as a society.

    With regards to wheat, I have found some great alternatives. If you have a bread machine, it is pretty easy to make clean bread using ancient grains. Sprouted wheat, teff, spelt, and red fife (this is a Canadian wheat… not sure how available it is elsewhere) flour has made some pretty yummy loaves. They aren’t as “springy” as wheat but still quite good. I have just been experimenting by adding different ratios… the red fife flour made amazing pizza dough! (Which I had with no cheese… surprisingly yummy)

    I am pretty lucky to have an organic grocery store within walking distance… it has an amazing array of products.

  7. WHEN I am at goal weight, I will also stay clear of Soy and HFCS for sure. I will cut way back on dairy and wheat and caffeine. I don’t want to ever have to detox from Caffeine again – and now I know, I don’t need it.

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