Day 16 of the Fast Metabolism Diet: 10 Pounds Down, Can I Get a Witness?

I wasn’t expecting a loss today. I actually ate more than usual yesterday — all diet-approved, but like, a lot of fruit and three cups of chili instead of two at dinner. Which makes me think that my plateau was because I wasn’t eating enough.

This is hard for a veteran dieter to wrap her little head around. I’m not so far gone that I think eating a ton of veggies will make me fat, but I’ve become suspicious over the years of fruit, ever since a doctor looked at my food diary and sniffed, “You know, bananas are full of fat.”

Looking back, I think she had a wee small problem with food herself. She talked a lot about how she never ate breakfast and only had a salad for lunch. The lesson here is that doctors are people, and they have problems that leach into their work, just like the rest of us. Unfortunately, their work is kind of important.

This weekend, I went to the park with one of my best friends, and then we went to the farmer’s market and bought a lot of kale and some herbs. I have so much more energy now, I actually went out yesterday and got pots for them. I’m pretty sure the oregano is already dying, because I have that much of a black thumb, but I’m still pleased that I followed through on a project. The old me would have been staring at dying herbs in their original black planters three months from now. New me can stare at those same dying herbs in pleasing earth-tone pots, artfully arranged.

I have made progress, people.

"Did you hear? Jen lost 10 pounds."
“Did you hear? Jen lost 10 pounds.”

Image: Christi Creations/Flickr

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12 thoughts on “Day 16 of the Fast Metabolism Diet: 10 Pounds Down, Can I Get a Witness?

  1. Amen sister! Congrats! Today is day 9 for me, and after a better-than-expected loss in week 1, the scale went up a pound today. But instead of getting stressed, I will take into account all that I have read here and otherwise about week 2 and say “Screw you, scale!”.

      1. I feel good, thanks. Better moods, more energy. I, too, have a thyroid issue (Hashimoto’s) so I am just thankful that the scale has finally moved in the right direction!

  2. Way to go Jennie! 10 lbs down is awesome. My weight crept back up again today. I think last weekend remembered what happened and caught up. No worries. I may be only 4 lbs down, but I would be the same or more and feel sluggish if I hadn’t started. I’m on this path for the long haul.

  3. Yay for you! and you feel great! I started my fourth week on Monday, and have lost 9 pounds. Have never lost so much so fast before, and felt great doing it! love the food and the program, and have already decided I will incorporate much of this into my lifestyle. Plan to keep going until I get to my goal weight (another 10 pounds). Really enjoying your blog, and was just thinking today about how much energy I have to get all this chopping, planning and cooking done, plus other projects. Never before!!

  4. Jennie!!! Great results!!! Congratulation!!!

    I am with you Tess. Got one pound more yesterday, lost it today…whatfreakingevaaaa????…but by now, I know my slow body and it is ok…it would be more motivating to see the bigger loss on the scale, so I could have a double proof, but, for now, it is only I feel better and lighter proof.

    Go Jennie!!

  5. Hi Jennie! Congrats on your weight loss. I’m stuck, and I also look at things like “unlimited yams” with suspicion. Can I ask, did you increase your fruit and chili above what the diet prescribed? How did you know how much to eat? Again, I just shy away from eating too much, so any tips you can offer on portions . . . Thanks!

    1. I didn’t go outside the limits, really — I could lose more than 20 pounds from my starting point and be just fine, although in all honesty, I’m only shooting for the 20. I had three cups of chili last night, and made sure to get in all my fruit. So really, I was actually doing the diet correctly.

      As for unlimited yams, unless you looove yams, I’m betting your tastebuds will stop you before you do too much damage. 😉

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