Yes, I Found Another Bed Bug. Why Do You Ask?

I have an idea for a video game, and I think it will be huge. It will feature an exterminator (played by you.) He will do battle with all sorts of pests, starting with, say, fruit flies, and continuing on to roaches and mice, and then finally, at the last levels, rats and bed bugs.

The vermin will die horribly, perhaps clutching their little vermin chests and begging for mercy. The exterminator will ascend to his reward, a giant YOU WIN! screen, emblazoned across an entirely pest-free cloud. There will be fruit, left out and unpestered, and bedding unmolested by any bugs.

Basically, at the end, the exterminator goes to heaven.

I can think of several people who would pay dearly just to play this game. I would personally buy an entire gaming system just to kill some effing bed bugs.

Published by Jen Hubley Luckwaldt

I'm a freelance writer and editor.

One thought on “Yes, I Found Another Bed Bug. Why Do You Ask?

  1. I picture the bed bugs and fruit flies sitting on the couch next to you, watching you play the video game, and they’re laughing their evil bug laughs. “You can’t stop us!”

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