I Have Also Been Doing Work

But mainly, I’ve been writing and playing Bejeweled.

Seriously, that’s what I’ve been up to for the past week. This is partly because I have the flu and partly because I am a lazy, lazy woman who only likes writing little stories and playing video games.

As far as the little stories go, I should have a link for you tomorrow to something I’ve been contributing to. (Wherein the grammar, she is much better than here, needless to say.)

As far as the video games go, here’s some observational humor for you: wimminz love games where you blow up jewels and men do not. Feel free to discuss or debate in the comments.

In other news, as well, etc, and so on, it is Ma Smash’s birthday today. She is turning 40 once more.

In honor of her birthday, I sent her a bunch of flowers from my favorite purveyor of internet flowers. The bouquet was called “It’s All About You,” which I gave to her as a joke, because she never does anything for herself, and would in fact give her shoes, wallet, and kidneys to any semi-deserving stranger she ran into on the street.

On the card I wrote:

“This bouquet is called It’s All About You. I bought it for you on purpose in the hopes that it would work the Force on you and cause you to use big towels after you shower instead of the crappy handtowels that everyone has spit in already. Happy birthday! Love, Jennie”

When I spoke to her this afternoon, she thanked me for the flowers and I specifically asked her what she thought about the note.

“Well, I’ll try,” she said, resignedly. “But it seems like an awful waste.”

“Yeah, when you could just run around the block stark naked like the dog after a bath. Use the big towels. I’m serious. Use them. It’s good for your psyche.”

The perfect towel for Ma Smash
The perfect towel for Ma Smash

“I’ll try.”

She’s totally not going to do it, BTW. I mentioned this to Sgt Lucky and he said, “Well, your Mom is kinda teeny. Maybe the hand towel is like a regular towel for her.”

It’s true. She’s three apples tall.

Image via Blue Buddies, the creepiest-named site on teh internetz

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6 thoughts on “I Have Also Been Doing Work

  1. Oh moms. I’m lucky if mine has a towel in her house for me anymore at all. Seriously, I went to college & poof, no more bedrooms….exercise room, dead animal room & meditation room (room painted lavender). She is all about “doing things for herself”. Apparently, that’s what Oprah says to do.

    Also, funny post on 30pov.

  2. Jewels or not, finding any woman who admits to playing video games is a pretty neat thing. I was briefly into the Bejeweled thing, there is a strange relaxation about the rhythm of it, but eventually I went back to killing and blowing things up.

  3. Greetings!

    That was quite the hilarious post! Does your mother actually use hand towels after the shower?

    Also, yes, I am endeared to you immediately due to your love for video games. I myself prefer Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction. If you get into the game, let me know. You will be one of a very elite and tiny group of women around the world who play it….

    Take care. I’ll stop by again sometime.


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