Day 12 of the Fast Metabolism Diet: I Am Pondering Something Truly Crazy

I’m seriously thinking about doing this until the party on May 11, and then starting all over again the next day. No promises, but I’m thinking about it.

The background, for people who haven’t been reading the comments, is that I’m going home to visit my folks on May 10. May 11, I have a party to go to — an awesome party, in fact, featuring beer and cheese and the birthday celebration of one of my oldest and bestest friends. Naturally, it’d be hard to show up and drink club soda and eat veggies, so my thought was that I’d do the diet up til then, and then let it go, to be resumed (or, more likely, done over) at a later date.

But now the diet is going really well for me, even though I’m in that week two slump at the moment, in terms of weight loss, and I hate to give up my momentum. Which makes me think that the answer might be to start all over from scratch the day after the party.

Here’s why: If I partake at all, I feel like the diet is kind of sunk, in terms of continuity. Beer and cheese are two of my favorite things, but they’re also three no-nos in one: wheat, dairy, and alcohol. I feel like all the liver-balancing veggies and herbs and water in the world probably won’t make up for that, even if I only have a beer or two.

So, as I see it, I have three options:

1. Do the diet up until the 11th, and then stop, incorporating some of what I’ve learned into my regular meal plan.
2. Do the diet up until the 11th, resume the morning of the 12th, drink water and hope for the best.
3. Do the diet up until the 11th, then start over again on the 12th as if it were the first day.

The last option didn’t occur to me until commenter Tess tweeted at Haylie to say that she’d only lost five pounds, and it was the third week. Haylie replied, “Hang in there. Fixing a years-broken metabolism takes time, and this is why the plan is 28 days.”

Which I knew, but that sort of brought it home to me all over again: if I only do this for 18 days, I’ve sort of wasted my time. I mean, not really, because I lost weight and I learned all kinds of stuff about how food and caffeine affects me and I feel tons better. But if the goal is to fix my metabolism, I kind of have to do the whole 28 days, straight.

Oh, also, you might wonder why there isn’t a fourth option: go to the party and drink club soda and eat veggie snacks. I thought of that, but that just feels like a giant bummer, especially since these are old friends I don’t get to see very much, and we used to drink barrels of beer and eat wheels of cheese together back in the day. (Probably not the best for my health, but man, was it fun.)

So that’s what I’m thinking about right now. A lot will depend on how I feel when I get home. I don’t want to inconvenience my folks while I’m visiting, although I suppose they’d probably be delighted that I was cooking for a change, instead of just lying around like a giant teenager, dropping snacks in my mouth.

What would you guys do, in my spot?

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18 thoughts on “Day 12 of the Fast Metabolism Diet: I Am Pondering Something Truly Crazy

  1. Why not consider just continuing the diet after the party–as if the party never happened–and see where you are at the end of 28 days? Maybe you’ll choose to continue for 1 or 2 more weeks, maybe a full 4 more. Why make yourself think about an entire additional month–will your metabolism fall back to where it was with just one weekend off the diet? I doubt it. My husband and I are in on day 1 of week 3–he’s down 12, I’m down 6. We will finish the 28 days and take a week off, then jump back on for at least a week each month, while not going hog-wild the other weeks. At least that’s our current plan. We’ll see how we feel in 2 weeks

    1. Do you think that would work, in terms of metabolism repair? I would LOVE that option, honestly, because it means being able to hang out with friends sooner w/o checking every menu super religiously for wheat, dairy, alcohol, excessive amounts of fun, etc.

    2. Didn’t Haylie say in her book that if you deviate from the 28 day plan that you have to start over on day one? I’m traveling the weekend of the 10th also and I’m trying to figure out how I can stay on the plan. I really hate the idea of starting over when I’ve already made it through 3 weeks of the plan.

      1. She did, but then there’s the whole “a drink fell in my mouth and in the shock of it all, I swallowed it” section, where she advises drinking a glass of water for each alcoholic drink, etc. Which makes me think that all is not necessarily lost if we screw up, as long as we get back on track.

  2. Just gonna psychoanalyze you for a quick second…Do you think part of why you’re considering starting from scratch is that for the first time in a long time you have both control of how your body is feeling and positive results that you and everyone around you can see? It seems almost extreme to me to start all over again, but I can definitely see why you would want to start that feeling of both control and accomplishment over again, leaving yourself less room for excuses or backsliding. BTW, years of therapy means that I am, basically, a therapist. You’re welcome.

    1. HA! You know me so well. That’s definitely possible. I know I’m nervous about how I’ll handle being healthy off of this. There’s just way too much to eat and drink in the town, and every gathering revolves around one or the other (or both).

  3. I started the same day you did and lost 8 pounds so far. I would pick option 4. Don’t stop now! You’ve come too far. Beer and cheese isn’t worth it.

    1. Oh, it’s not that I’m that crazy to have beer and cheese — I could wait a week for that — it’s that going to a party and being a super restrictive diet sort of feels, to me, like making the party about my eating plan, and not about my friend’s celebration. It’s sort of withholding, somehow. I feel like unless you have allergies or are pregnant, being all Meg Ryan ordering at the deli in “When Harry Met Sally” is a little much for important celebrations. I’m totally willing to do it for casual gatherings, though. I’m Meg Ryaning it up!

  4. Hey there

    For what its worth, I think you should enjoy the day… doesn’t Haylie say that beating yourself up and being all guilty generates too much stress??? But moderate yourself! I am planning on enjoying Mother’s Day (a similar type of event in our family… don’t judge! It’s fun!) and then carrying along as if it never happened. True… that will be day 28 for me, but I am also planning on doing some more weeks.

    Drink your water, try to get some veggies in there (is that why they serve celery and carrots with wings? it all makes sense now!) and just don’t go overboard!


  5. I am probably the wrong person to ask,I don’t drink. I think if you can be strong,don’t stop! You have come so far. What is the reason you started? Are you trying to eat healthy for just one month, or for life? I know personally I have no cravings, and I feel great! Good luck to you!

  6. Compromise…compromise….and then compromise some more. For example…don’t drink the beer, have a shot of vodka with some soda water and lime instead. It’s calorie friendly and I don’t think it would hurt you THAT much. As for the cheese…..I believe cheese is it’s own food group, I love it and I have NO intention of living my life without cheese. Have some but maybe eat it without any bread or crackers. I think you will find that the teeniest bit of it will satisfy you only because you have gone with NO DAIRY at all for over 3 weeks. When you get back home, pick up where you left off which would be Phase 1 one right? I think you will be fine. 🙂

  7. I say do the plan till the 11th, celebrate in moderation, then go right back to it the next day where you left off. You will know within a day or so if you need to start over. Stress and guilt will only make you feel worse. You have come this far… Don’t throw it all away, especially if you haven’t met your goal. Good luck and enjoy the celebration! And thank to you and all the other readers for your advice and support!

    1. I agree! Enjoy your party in moderation and then jump right back on the bandwagon the next day. If you don’t get the results you want by the end of the 28 days do another week or two until you do.

  8. I vote for option 4. True friends will applaud your efforts and totally understand. They won’t feel like you are stealing their thunder. You don’t even have to talk about it or make it a focal point. You can just bring your p3 snacks and (raw nuts are easy enough) and bring enough for everyone. You can bring raw nits, a veggie tray and fruit salad to the party. You do t have to be super strict about eating every 3 hours on that day but just try to eat p3 foods that are easy to carry and share.

    1. Friends, there is no option 4. That’s why it wasn’t listed as an option. 😉 I’m not going to eat seeds like a weirdo while everyone has cheese and beer. Believe me, it’d stand out and be strange. Also, kind of depressing.

  9. The great new is either way, the plan works for you! Even if you fall off for a few days, you can get right back on the program and have amazing results. Good luck with whatever you choose.

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