Day 11 of the Fast Metabolism Diet: Do Women “Love” Dieting?

I’d estimate that about 95 percent of my female friends have been on a diet at one point or another, even the naturally skinny types with perfectly functioning thyroids and a running habit. One could be forgiven for thinking, since we ladies spend so much time on diets, that we love being on them, despite our complaints.

One explanation, of course is that we diet because of distorted body image, thanks to magazines and TV. I don’t think that’s it, at least not entirely. My theory is that many of us diet because it’s the only time in which it’s socially acceptable to turn our focus completely inward. When you’re on a diet, you’re giving yourself permission to say no: no, I won’t have that cake; no, I can’t go to that drinks outing; no, thank you, I’d rather stay home and do half-assed pilates off of a program I found on Hulu.

The rest of the time, most women have a lot more social and familial obligations than most men. Not that those go away while we’re dieting, of course. But we’re giving ourselves permission to spend a lot of time thinking about ourselves — what we’re eating, how we’re feeling, how we look.

I understand, also, that this could be taken to an extreme. That’s one reason why I waited for Haylie’s book to come out before I tried yet another diet. Even if every phase isn’t a ton of calories, it’s a lot of eating. I felt like it would be difficult for me to get into bad habits of thought (e.g. “juice is totally a meal”) on this diet that would lead to me becoming both overweight and unhappy down the line.

In other important news, although I’m holding steady, weight-wise, from yesterday, my skinny jeans now fit. I think I might notice a difference on the scale tomorrow.

How are you all doing this fine day?



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24 thoughts on “Day 11 of the Fast Metabolism Diet: Do Women “Love” Dieting?

  1. Ah yes, control. Control really can be empowering. I’m currently looking for work, which makes me feel very out of control of my own life. Doing stuff like cleaning my apartment or starting an exercise regimen are ways to take back some control, and yeah, eating can totally be one of those things too.

    1. It can, although I would caution people away from using it that way. It’s easy to start becoming very disordered in our thinking about food if we do. (Not to mention, very frustrating when we don’t lose, despite our best efforts!)

      The more positive spin is giving yourself permission to take care of yourself.

  2. How am I doing? Well frustrated, thank you very much. UP 1.7. Now I am just over 5 lb loss and in week 3. What am I doing wrong? I don’t know – all I can think of is I was out all day yesterday and although I brought a lot of food with me, I didn’t have enough protein and had too much salt. (Beef and Buffalo Jerky).

      1. Here was Haylie’s reply:
        “Hang in there. Fixing a years-broken metabolism takes time, and this is why the plan is 28 days.”
        And as I did many stupid diets over the years, this makes sense. Getting married tomorrow – yea! – so the program is off for the weekend. Starting week 1, day 1 on Monday.
        Jennie, I know you will be done after this week. Have a fabulous time at your beer/cheese get-together.

  3. This really resonates with me, especially with a kid and FT job. I’m interested in reading the book and possibly doing the diet based on your experiences, but I do still feel like I have to give myself ‘permission” to spend the time and resources on it. That being said, I think people would “get” why I’m doing it much more than if I went on a yoga retreat for a week and leaving my family.

  4. Congrats on your skinny jeans Jennie!!! Our bodies will change, even if the scale isn’t moving the way we want it to. Keep up the awesome work!!

    Any tips on getting through the immense hunger I am feeling on day 4, week 1??? Staaaaaarving!!!!!

    1. I’m usually starving on day 3 and 4. Try drinking tea with a little stevia in it. It seems to lessen my hunger. Also, make sure you’re eating lots of veggies with a variety of seasonings. And remember tomorrow we get to eat carbs again!! We can make it one more day.

    2. I’m usually starving on day 3 and 4. Try drinking tea with a little stevia in it. It seems to lessen my hunger. Also, make sure you’re eating lots of veggies with a variety of seasonings. And remember tomorrow we get to eat carbs again!! We can make it one more day.

  5. In my second week,day 5.Haven’t lost any weight this week, but that is ok. Heard from others that is what has happened to them. But my pants are sagging now. Not going to weigh for awhile.

  6. Wow you give me hope! Although I have a few more pounds to go to fit into my skinny jeans. I do like this plan so much more than other fad diets I’ve tried. I haven’t had confirmation about thyroid issues, but I’m pretty sure I do. My mom, grandmother and aunt have/had thyroid problems.

    I’m on day 3, and sure glad the phases are only two days!

    Stacey from Tulsa

  7. I am VERY frustrated. Following the diet to the letter and only down 6 lbs and at the end of week 3. So unless I am magically going to lose 19 lbs next week I will have a slightly tear stained book for sale

  8. Tess and Tena,

    I didn’t lose much, and I wrote about this in the previous posts. Actually I gained back 1.4lbs 2 days ago, so I know exactly how you feel. I decided not to weight myself, since the scale results make me frustrated if there isn’t any loss of miraculous amount I wanted to see that morning. Losing pounds is very individual and I learned that while trying to keep every possible diet in the world.

    I really don’t want this to be the race of lost pounds for me, since I’ll just to give up. I started to think differently. I compare my eating habits and feelings before and now. The most important thing is that this is a changing process. I have regular meals and don’t over-stuff myself anymore, I don’t feel heavy after having snacks, I feel lighter, and I am sure that I am doing a great thing for my body. That is a big change and that’s what is important for me. (E.g, my eating habits before…I never ate until 2-3pm, and then the whole afternoon I had the urge to compensate for my lost energy, I would reach for small amounts of food 100 times….a quick snack on a couple of pretzels, energy bar, coffee with milk, fruit, a hand-full of peanuts, yogurt etc…all that processed food made me feel heavy in general, and because I never ate breakfasts, I would be hungry at 8 or 9 pm, after having dinner at 6-7pm, and since I have already had the meal I would then reach for something quick like cookie or goldfish, or crackers…since I didn’t want to have anything “big” so late…not even mentioning how often I didn’t eat any veggies at all….and of course I felt full, and heavy, and more carbs asked for even more carbs).

    Despite not losing lots or any pounds, I am going to stick with it for 28 days, because the change must be visible somewhere, and in our case, not necessarily on the scale, but maybe in general well-being. Just think how you felt before, and how you feel now.

    And yes, the Phase 2 is weird (TOTALLY!). I feel out of energy, I could easily nap in the afternoon. I drink a couple glasses of water with the lemon juice inside. So far, it keeps the hunger down. 🙂

    1. Violet, you are correct. I know I am so much healthier. This no caffeine, weight, dairy, sugar, alcohol has made a difference. One, I had a doctor appt and she said my bp was 110/60. A couple of months ago it was 130/80. And two, I had a facial on Tuesday and she said my face looked GREAT. Only then did I tell her of my diet change. And yes, I know I have more energy and I’m not so irritable. My body IS changing even if the skinny jeans are months away. 😉

  9. I think I am also with the no loss crowd. Week 1, day 4 and I haven’t lost. Feeling pretty glum. I always have this hope that THIS is the answer and am so let down when I realize this is another failed attempt. Maybe it’s not for me but I’m definitely going to finish out week 1 and cross my fingers that something will happen.

    1. Hang in there, Tas! I only lost a pound my first week. But I figured my metabolism was so messed up from the years of abuse I put it through that it may have possibly been in shock from all the healthy food I was eating every 3 hours!

      I am on Week 4 and I am down 7.5 pounds. No it’s not the 20 pounds that seems to be the average but then again, I don’t consider myself to be average! ;D I am thrilled to be down 7.5 pounds and not UP that amount!!

      Keep with it and you WILL see the needle on your scale move down!!

  10. Hang in there ladies! I gave up on the scale because I’m a results kind of woman and wasn’t seeing any recently. Today I went to put on a pair of jeans that I loathe wearing because they cut off circulation to my lower extremities but I almost cried when I put them on and they were too big! I ran…seriously…ran for the scale and found I hadn’t changed. Just because the number isn’t moving doesn’t mean it isn’t working. The benefits of a healthy diet far out weigh the number on a scale. I’ve noticed it in my skin, hair, nails and just overall wellness…mind and body.

    Hang in there! ❤

    1. If women “love” to diet, I would posit that it’s because we feel such incredible pressure to look a certain way.

      1. “One explanation, of course is that we diet because of distorted body image, thanks to magazines and TV.”

        Right on up there in the post, lady.

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