The Lucky Channel

Sgt Lucky: (Looking at my foot.) Oh my God. Are you all right?

Me: Yeah. It’s just my gross plantar’s wart. Remember? I made you buy the medicine for me and pretend to have the wart yourself. Just like when I wanted to read Twilight and I didn’t want to buy it so I made you buy it for me.

Sgt Lucky:
Jesus. What’s wrong with it? It looks gross.

It’s dying. I treated it, and now it’s gonna fall off.

Sgt Lucky: That’s … that’s disgusting.

Ha, ha! You wanna throw up now. I win.

Sgt Lucky:
I mean, I can deal with a lot of shit. But I don’t like holes, for no reason. No. That’s not OK.

Me: I-

Sgt Lucky: No! Don’t do it. You’re going to do it again. Just like when we were at the bookstore, and you wouldn’t stop telling me about … what were you telling me about?

Me: I have no idea, honestly. I don’t even think that was me.

Sgt Lucky: It was you. What did you say?

Me: I think it was some other fast little article.

Sgt Lucky:
It was too horrible. I don’t even remember. (Pause.) My taint itches.


Sgt Lucky: Am I distracting you? Am I bothering you while you type and blog?


Sgt Lucky: Is my love disturbing you? Is it keeping you from getting your work done? I have a beam of love for you. It’s shooting out of my head. Did I get love in your eye? (Uproarious laughter.)

I’d confiscate the whiskey. But this way, I watch less TV.

Published by Jen Hubley Luckwaldt

I'm a freelance writer and editor.

7 thoughts on “The Lucky Channel

  1. I’m reading a novel right now that’s about a Marine company in the Vietnam War. I’ve started picturing Sgt Lucky in place of all of the NCOs.

  2. Hilarious, sounds like a conversation me and my mom just had… I would love to see this as a comic strip too because I’d love to see you’re reaction to it. Especially the, “That’s… that’s disgusting.” too funny!

  3. “Fast little article,” that’s a good one. Always learn something new at

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