Sadie, Sadie, Married Lady

Another thing that happened, while I was away from you: Sgt. Lucky and I got engaged.

I actually figured I’d written about this and was aghast to realize that I hadn’t. I guess I forgot that I basically disappeared for a year there, as far as blogging goes.

Engagement Day 2009, as it will ever after be known, occurred on our one year anniversary of dating. It really was one of the best days of my life, even before the proposal business. Sgt. Lucky planned a whole day of adventures, including a carriage ride in Central Park and ice skating at Rockefeller Center and a Broadway play – basically all the things I’ve always wanted to do, but didn’t, because I live here and so it never seems urgent.

Lucky waited til the end of the night to ask me, and apparently I’ll never make a living playing poker, because I guess my face transmitted clearly that I thought no proposal was imminent and that I was disappointed. Then when he did ask me – at the bar where we had our first date – I apparently forgot to say yes. Instead I looked greedily at the ring and said, “IT’S THE ONE I WANTED.”

Because I am a magpie, apparently.

Anyway, no date yet, before you ask. Because, by the way, everyone asks. It’s the first thing they ask. It’s a natural question and I’m glad people love me enough to care or to pretend to care, but still, I would like to apologize to anyone I’ve pestered about that before. I didn’t know, people!

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14 thoughts on “Sadie, Sadie, Married Lady

  1. Technically it’s not greedy. You may have said that to any ring that Sarge would have given to you because he gave it to you. Also you were inferring it more to him than the ring.

  2. Congratulations (again and again on every forum which will allow me to say so)! Severely happy for you both. Enjoy the engaged time, and consider yourself warned — the questions people ask only get more invasive (hint: they will involve your uterus).

  3. that last part about the date made me laugh. it’s so true! it’s somewhat akin to when people say to prego ladies, “wow, you’re really showing today.”

  4. Wait until they start asking you if they’re invited to the wedding! Awkward. I no longer assume I’m going to get an invitation because I now know how much these things cost!

  5. There is a huge argument to be made, here, for a short engagement and a small wedding. But, knowing you, a small wedding would not work. You are too beloved of too many people just itching to share in your happiness. Additionally, there are just not enough excuses to dress up and/or play the maracas in the present grim economic landscape. I have a feeling that your wedding reception will be one for the ages. 🙂

    My cup of delight for you and the appropriately-named Sgt. Lucky brimmeth over. Long life and happiness as you embark on this adventure!

  6. Oh, yay! I was way too invested in you two for this not to work out. Does this mean you guys are going to be in one of those commercials? (“Met: October 2007. Married: May 2009” or whatever)

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