Update From the Dating

I got a complaint the other day from one of my twelve loyal readers that I haven’t said much about the ol’ love life lately. I assume that this is because this guy is in a relationship and is longing for gossip from the dating world.

I don’t do a lot of gossiping about dating, because I’d like to be able to continue dating, and also, less selfishly, because it seems kinda mean to reveal everyone’s secrets on the Internets.

I will tell you though, without getting specific, that I’ve been very amused lately by the number of dudes who think it’s appropriate to ask young ladies about their quote-unquote fantasies. I assume porn is to blame for this, although to be fair, I blame porn for a lot of stuff I don’t like about the culture lately, like totally depilitated lady forests and hypersexualized twelve-year-olds.

Fortunately, I have an answer to this question now. When a guy asks me to tell him my fantasies, I will now reply, “I fantasize – all the time, like, night and day – about doing it in, you know, a regular way. And then – this is the hot part – we totally go to brunch and get eggs.”

Come on. Who doesn’t like brunch?

Published by Jen Hubley Luckwaldt

I'm a freelance writer and editor.

4 thoughts on “Update From the Dating

  1. I’m reconsidering wearing my sweatpants that say JUICY across the cheeks to my deforestation appointment now.

  2. That fantasy is totally hawt…..and at brunch can we hang out with our waspy rich friends and talk of the hamptons and stock prices and the good ol days at yale?

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