Packing, Birthdays, and So On

I’m packing today, in preparation for Hop Across the Bridge 2006, and the following things have occurred to me:

1) Every box is either labeled “books,” “clothes” or “shoes.” Hardly any are labeled “cookware” or “knick-knacks.” Apparently, I do not cook and I decorate my home solely in reading material and cast-off shoes.

2) My apartment is hella dusty.

3) I’m really allergic to dust.

4) I hate moving.

5) I really hate moving in the summer, which is the only time I ever seem to move.

Today, it was so hot out, I actually had to install my air conditioner, even though I’ll be de-installing it in four days, which seems like a waste. The Donut called earlier and asked me what I was up to and I said, “Installing the air conditioner and whimpering.” Which is an accurate summation of my activities.

So: The move takes place on Friday. Next Saturday, a mere short week afterward, I will turn 30 and have a party at a bar in the LES. It’s a joint b-day, with my friend Angela, who is turning a spritely 29. If you know me at all, and I neglected to email you, please drop me a line and I’ll give you the details. If I currently have a restraining order against you, remember: Trying to figure out which bar and what time is, in fact, a violation.

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3 thoughts on “Packing, Birthdays, and So On

  1. I HATE moving. If I ever move again everything I have gets sold with the house. If it doesn’t fit in my car it’s not moving with me. The new owner will have to deal with my “stuff” and I will be off to collect new “stuff” and pack my new home full.

  2. I think that books can be classified as decor. I actually have tons laying around my apartment. If I may make a suggestion, you need to get baskets. (I use little fabric lined wicker ones that I find at discount stores) You can make nice educational arrangments, by varying size, cover art or topic and have beautiful little displays that actually come in handy on rainy days. It certainly beats those little Hummel people. (

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