We Refuse

Jennie SMASH!: btw, i will not buy the mom jeans that are currently coming back into fashion
MadCat: the tapered tight ones?
MadCat: cause i’m boycotting that
Jennie SMASH!: i refuse
Jennie SMASH!: no way
MadCat: and the knee length shorts that don’t look good on anyone who has hips or an ass
Jennie SMASH!: exactly
Jennie SMASH!: i’m like, thanks for making me look pearshaped
Jennie SMASH!: that’s what i needed
MadCat: yeah, it’s kind of unacceptable. i don’t think i’ll go along w/ the fashion industries scheme to de-hotify me
Jennie SMASH!: i know
MadCat: exactly. there’s like, maybe one person out there who is happy about this
Jennie SMASH!: they’re like, remember when people wanted to sleep with you? those were the days
MadCat: everyone else, is now i look even more pearish
MadCat: heh

Published by Jen Hubley Luckwaldt

I'm a freelance writer and editor.

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