Love Notes, Etc

Someone wrote to me at work the other day to ask if I was dating anyone in particular. This is because I write a daily newsletter, and there’s a reply feature. Also, my picture is on the newsletter, and although I sort of look like I’ve been hit in the head with a board, I am recognizably female, which means that some dude out there in the Land of the Internets wants to date me. Probably more than one.

So, totally unrelated: my friend Dave is an SEO consultant. I’m not really sure what that means either, but the short version appears to be that his paycheck comes from driving traffic to company’s websites using cunning, subterfuge, and scads and scads of Excel spreadsheets. The other day, Dave wrote to me to ask me to link to some of his companies, so that they’d get the full benefit of my twelve readers and the glory that is my Google ranking. But I’m mean and frosty, so I said no.

I don’t even have ads on my site, not because I particularly have a problem with ads, but because I’m lazy. (True story.) But if I did have ads, I’d put ’em outside the posts. Because I love you all and want you to trust me, so that we can build a beautiful relationship full of trust and mild cursing and the occasional thrown ashtray, but I’m sorry baby, I didn’t mean it, you just make me so mad. Ahem.

So if Dave gets fired, I’ll owe him a beer or something, I guess.

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6 thoughts on “Love Notes, Etc

  1. smash,

    i think you should have ads. just some lazy ones thru google or yahoo. you deserve the extra loot. i promise it won’t make me trust you less.

  2. The newsletter picture reminds of something but I can’t place it. Not being hit by a board though.

  3. Isn’t that always how it goes? When you are rich and famous everyone wants to use your accomplishments. I would not loose any faith in you if you begin to have ads. Every great star had to make that jump from beloved *unkown* with a cult following into the mass market momentum that creates legacies.

    Remember us…

  4. John says you always look like you’ve been hit in the head with a board. Aren’t you glad you have a brother now?

    I think you should have ads too. Lots and lots of Viagra ads.

  5. I also say you put enough effort into your blog to get some sort of sponsorship. But I’d think that instead of using an ad service provided by someone else, you should look into setting up one of those Amazon associate things.

    That way you can pick out cool books and movies and t-shirts and such and make a little bit of money if we buy anything.

    That would probably be more reliable than some sort of click-through model (…though really neither is going to let you retire, it might offset some of the fees for having your domain registered, and that stat-tracking stuff you’re always looking at).

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