4 thoughts on “Ho, Ho, Ho

  1. and the kung fu chicken noodle (campbells soup can with bruce lee pant legs sticking out) did a windmill! and there was a foil covered baked potato monster! and a conspiracy!

  2. See, what you should have done the next year was take the monster puppet people to the overpriced bar with you, so they could have kicked the crap out of the middle-aged frat boys who tried to grab your ass. It would have been like a two-in-one!

  3. This doesn’t apply to your story, but every time I see your picture, adventuring in the short blue coat, I think it should part of a Winnie the Pooh book.

    “Jennie, do you think we will be friends forever?” said Pooh.

    “Of course,” Jennie said. “For elevendy million years at least.” And together they went off adventuring into the big, scary city and Jennie taught Pooh how to make the heffalumps come out and play by smoking the happy cigarettes.

    They lived happliy ever after….

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