Soon I will be old.

As soon as June 10, in fact. Which is International Children’s Day, or the International Celebration of Grandparents, or some such. But more importantly, it’s my birthday.

Generally, I plan a party. I’m good at party planning. I send Save the Dates several months in advance. I order matchbooks. This year, though, I’ve been too busy with other things.

I will be 29 on June 10. Because I have been dreading it, I’m oddly excited. This is the opposite of my 26th birthday, which I was looking forward to, because I have always felt, deep down, that I am 26. But this birthday has no expectations attached, and so I’m sure I’ll enjoy it. Or not. That’s cool, too.

Twenty-nine, everyone. I’m almost old enough to be a dirty old lady. God, it feels like I’ve been waiting FOREVER for that.

Published by Jen Hubley Luckwaldt

I'm a freelance writer and editor.

4 thoughts on “Soon I will be old.

  1. and here I thought I only shared my birthday with Judy Garland and Maxi Priest…Hope yours is as good as mine should be!

  2. Happy Birthday!

    I have been reading your blog for awhile, I never comment though…can never think of witty items to say on people’s blogs.

    I also turn 29, on June 11th! Haven’t decided what I’m doing yet, I want to end my twenties on a fun note, free note before the decade of “adulthood”.

    Have a fantastic year, the best yet!

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