When all else fails, blog about blogging

It just hit me that I won’t be updating at all next week, due to the fact that I’d have to be some kind of a loser to spend even a moment of my vacation in Paris at an Internet Cafe. So it’s a good thing I’ve been updating somewhat regularly lately. Otherwise, you know, I’d feel bad.

I’ve been going on lots of job interviews lately. On a recent interview, I was delighted to find that the interviewer kept a blog as well. (Not that this is at all rare, but still, I thought it was a good sign.) He mentioned that he was going on a vacation soon, and he was afraid of what his readers might do in his absence.

“They get so … mad,” he whispered, looking around nervously, as though waiting for angry anonymous commenters to come spilling out of the paneling and attack him. “They take it personally when I’m not writing.”

This being a job interview, I refrained from saying, “Dude, turn your comments off.” I just nodded sympathetically. It is interesting how exercised people get about other people’s blogs.

I’ve only had two really bad comment experiences so far, and both of them turned out to be personal issues, unrelated to my actual writing. The first was the current girlfriend (or whatever nomenclature you prefer) of a former boyfriend. She felt that I was bashing southern people in my blog, and, furthermore, that I was a bad person with little or no talent and an unhealthy tendency toward self-absorption. Since the former was untrue, and the later is basically the textbook definition of a blogger, I was confused about the whole thing, until I realized who she was. Then I knew exactly what was going on: This particular guy was famous for building up one girl at another girl’s expense, and I figured he was telling her, alternately, that I was a fantastic writer (better than her) and very dedicated to my craft (in comparison with her) and more than usually attractive (especially, that’s right, when compared to her). I’d been on the other end. It can drive you crazy, for sure.

The other negative commenter was a guy who had written me what I like to think of as a I Feel That I Know You, So Let’s Get Naked letter. He was going to be in town, etc., so could we meet for a wink-wink drink. I never responded, but to this sort of person, all I can say in general is: Women. Are. Not. Men. We are not men. Naked pictures of you and promises of strings-free attachments are less likely to be attractive to us than they would be to you. Don’t take it personally. It’s not that there’s anything wrong with that Polariod of your business that you’re thoughtfully scanned and mailed. It’s just a gender difference. No big. (No pun.)

Anyway, all this to say that I haven’t made up my mind yet about comments during my absence, but if you find them off next week, don’t worry: I’ll turn ’em right back on as soon as I get home.

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8 thoughts on “When all else fails, blog about blogging

  1. I’ve got some pretty mean comments lately and at first I backlashed with my own little sassy remark, but then they commented again and took it to a whole other level, so I basically ignored them and then decided to delete the comments all together. And then another time someone commmented how I should stay away from this guy I talk to, but the scary part of it was they said “Stay away from him or a lot of people are going to be hurt.” That classifies as psycho, right? Yeah, I didn’t think it was just me. Furthermore (sorry, but you got me started on this) after I removed that crazy comment, they immediately commented asking why I was deleting their comments and if I’m going to delete the comments then I should just delete the whole blog. So I just kept hitting delete. Delete. Delete. Delete. It’s like seriously, if you don’t like what you read then just don’t read it. So simple.

  2. It’s hard when you actually talk about your life in your blog. I think it makes people feel like they know you. It’s like a teensy tinesy version of fame.

    I think that all famous people should be forced to have a blog for a year, before they become well-known. If they can handle the odd comment from random psychos on their blog, then they can consider whether or not they’re prepared for weirdos hugging them in the supermarket.

  3. How timely of you Jennie, that you should post this today, as when I looked at MY comments this morning I had a little nastygram from someone anonymous (read: cowardly) who feels I am a disgusting loser for imbibing tequila. I actually love these people in a way, because it makes me feel that much better about myself that I don’t feel a need to say mean things in public to complete strangers just to build myself up.

    On another topic, have you considering guest-blogging? As in having another blogger post to your blog in your absence so all your lovely readers don’t become angry or run away?

    Oh, and also, have fun in Paris.

  4. Those people need stomping. And I’m just the girl to do it.

    You know, I hadn’t thought about guest-blogging, but it’s not a bad idea. I think I might be too much of a control freak to turn over the reins, though.

  5. You’re destroying my carefully laid plans to sieze control of the world in your absence! Months of planning down the tubes. (sigh)

    Seriously, you should consider paying the 4 francs (or whatever those damn Frenchies use instead of money) to go to an internet cafe and post a simple “Neener neener I’m in Paris and you’re SO not!” post for us.

  6. People suck. Has anyone written a full-length blog entry about how much you suck, though? That’s fun.

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