Why It’s Easier to Be Judgmental Online

Years ago, I worked as an editor for a large internet publisher and managed as many as 100 writers, freelancers who worked remotely. I rarely spoke to them face to face, but I felt like we knew each other — in some cases, as well as coworkers I saw every day. Of course, all coworkerContinue reading “Why It’s Easier to Be Judgmental Online”

5 Awful People You Meet on the Internet

Is it just me, or is everyone online way meaner than they used to be? And by “used to be,” I don’t mean 14 years ago, when I was noodling around on dial-up, looking at sites that mostly consisted of marching ants and Star Trek references. I mean, like, two or three years ago. IContinue reading “5 Awful People You Meet on the Internet”