Why It’s Easier to Be Judgmental Online

Years ago, I worked as an editor for a large internet publisher and managed as many as 100 writers, freelancers who worked remotely. I rarely spoke to them face to face, but I felt like we knew each other — in some cases, as well as coworkers I saw every day. Of course, all coworkerContinue reading “Why It’s Easier to Be Judgmental Online”

Just a Casual Reminder That You Don’t Have to Be Grateful

I’ve only really started meeting moms in real life, but I’m lucky to have a lot of online friends who have kids, and they’ve been unbelievably helpful in figuring out this whole parenthood thing. The other day, I was talking to Nancy, one of my internet pals, and she said something that really struck me.Continue reading “Just a Casual Reminder That You Don’t Have to Be Grateful”