This Poor Baby Has a Cold

I just finished wrestling Baboo to the ground so that I could put saline drops in her nose. I’m lucky I didn’t lose an eye. There’s nothing sadder than a baby with a cold. They just have no idea what’s happening to them. Baboo keeps looking at me for help and there’s not much IContinue reading “This Poor Baby Has a Cold”

Baby’s First Medical Emergency

If you know me in real life, you know that I’m a hypochondriac. One of my fears about becoming a parent was that I’d transfer this lunacy onto my child and become one of those moms who never lets her kid do anything, because germs-sharp things-dangerous machinery-heights-scary news stories. Instead, it turns out that I’mContinue reading “Baby’s First Medical Emergency”

My Baby, the MMA Fighter

“This is her idea of a great morning,” Adam said, holding the squirming baby on his lap when I came up from my basement office to say hi. “Smiling at Mommy … while literally stepping on Dad’s dick. Which is what she’s doing right now. I think she’s trying to make sausage wine. It’s possibleContinue reading “My Baby, the MMA Fighter”