I’m Thinking of Skipping My Birthday This Year

The last birthday I skipped was when I turned 6. I was in the hospital, having my second surgery for a ruptured appendix, and the nurses asked me if I wanted to wear a badge that said, “Birthday Girl.” “Today’s not my birthday,” I said. “It is!” they said. “You’re turning 6!” “It’s not my birthday,Continue reading “I’m Thinking of Skipping My Birthday This Year”

How Much Is Enough?

When I first started fertility treatment, a friend of mine said something to me that didn’t sink in until … well, last week. “Maybe it’s not that people think they know better than you, when they say you’ll get IVF,” she said. “Maybe it’s just that they’ve been there, and they’ve seen how things sortContinue reading “How Much Is Enough?”

News of the Duh: It’s Expensive to Be Infertile

This afternoon, I was tap-tap-tapping away at my keyboard, when my phone buzzed with a text message from Adam. ADAM: Honey, I’m sorry, but can you help me clarify something about fertility stuff? Is the $5,000 cap for ALL fertility drugs? I thought the financial aid person at the clinic said it was just forContinue reading “News of the Duh: It’s Expensive to Be Infertile”