The Last Word, From Coworker Dennis

Via IM:

“You know you’re gay when the marriage equality march conflicts with your Kylie Minogue concert tickets.”



This probably won’t matter all that much to people who don’t give a crap about fashion and/or New York, but I’m reasonably sure I saw Simon Doonan walking his dog near Washington Square Park on Saturday night. Evidence supporting this:

1) He was only about an inch taller than me.
2) Simon Doonan has a dog.
3) He looked a little horrified when he heard me and two of main gays hollering about his possible Simon Doonan-ness from the confines of our taxicab.

“Oh my God. Oh my God. That dude over there? I think that’s Simon Doonan.”

JC, who was closest, craned his neck. “It totally is Simon Doonan. It is either Simon Doonan, or a Simon Doonan impersonator.”

Me: “It totally is him. Look how annoyed he is! Simon Doonan! Moss, hold my ankles.”

Moss: “Hrm?”

“Hold my ankles, I want to lean out the window. Oh, shit. Now we’re moving. SIMON DOONAN, I LOVE YOU. PUT DONATELLA BEHIND GLASS AGAIN.”

It’s possible that I am not well.

The Wrong Signals

Tonight, Coworker Dennis and I went out to a gay bar to be gay. At one point, I left him to guard our vodka-and-cranberries, and went out to take a phone call. On the smoking patio, I met the one straight dude in the place. Also? He was homeless. Also? He introduced himself to me by trying to kiss my neck.

Dubya. Tee. Eff. I could so clean up with the mentally unstable.