Day 24 of the Fast Metabolism Diet: I Have No Idea What I Weigh Now

There’s a scale at my folks’ house, but it’s so inaccurate, my parents set it to minus five pounds to make up the difference. The issue is that my dad is six feet tall and strapping, and my mom is so small, she could make a matchbox her bed. The end result is that the scale is confused and upset.

I’m almost glad, to be honest. Before I left, I was weighing myself every day, which is one of those things they tell you not to do when you’re in Weight Watchers. Most of the time, on this diet, it’s very satisfying. Many days, you’re down a pound, or even two, from the day before. But on those random days when the scale creeps up, it feels like disaster. (Especially during the high-protein, low-carb phase, when I’m pretty much grossed out all the time anyway.)

The good news is that the diet is definitely working, even with my bender last weekend. My yoga pants are loose, people. My yoga pants!

How are you all doing with your weight loss? Are you where you hoped to be?


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9 thoughts on “Day 24 of the Fast Metabolism Diet: I Have No Idea What I Weigh Now

  1. Well No I Am Not Where I want or expected to be. I am in week five (with a bender weekend in there) and only down 6 lbs. I really expected to be down more. Eliminating so many foods (dairy, sugar, wheat, COFFEE) I thought it would make a huge difference. However, as I write this, I hear Haylie’s words … it can take a little more time for those that have screwed up metabolisms … as I know I do. I knew I was in for the long haul here anyway as I have about 60 more lbs to go.

    1. I am not where I hoped to be Day 3 of Week 4. I am down just 6.5lbs and have not received any compliments. Thankfully I did not tell many people what I was doing. However, I can’t remember when I have been sooo good to my body. It’s true that I was hoping that my yoga pants would be loose by now, but I feel great and my energy level is super! I love that I am eating healthy at least 5 times daily. That is awesome for me. With that said, I will begin round 2 next Monday. Congratulations lady.

      1. Darlene – I have to agree. Love how I feel and LOVE that I am feeding my body good food. That says a lot.

        Jennie, congrats on the loose yoga pants – really!

  2. Darlene and Tess,
    here is one more 5-pounder. I lost 5lbs only..tooo. With a complete change in my diet, I expected approx. 10lbs less, as in any other diet i have done so far. As long as these 5 won’t come back with two improper dinners or a cake for a dessert, I will be ok….but if they come back in no time, then I am really speechless and won’t believe anything to anyone anymore.

    I will do one more round anyway, and hopefully it will better. I even thought of some crash diet like Dukan to lose more pounds, but I am just so afraid to play with my metabolism again.

    Jennie, you seem to have great results. Congratulation!

    1. Thanks, Violet! I’m just nervous about what will happen when I stop doing the diet so strictly. I plan to keep a lot of the changes, but I do want to be able to have wheat and dairy again — if not quite as much of it as I was eating.

  3. Jennie, keep us informed as to how things go when you do your change. I hope it works well for you. That will give those of us who are going another round some hope.

  4. Day 4 of round 2 here. I am down 15.5 total. Plan to stick to it for about 25 more pounds. 🙂

  5. I am at the end of week 3 last week was my first week to have a big drop (5 lbs) and that makes me happy, but eating healthy is what is making me feel the best. I don’t think I can ever go back to processed food. I will keep reading labels (Who knew they put wheat flour in beef broth? And why?) So maybe if I have another big drop next week I will keep going but I am looking forward to a break from the intensive meal planning! (and maybe a chocolate chip cookie)

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