Day 14 of the Fast Metabolism Diet: I Lost a Pound, and I’m Way Too Excited About It

Ordinarily, one pound of weight loss wouldn’t be a big deal. But I’ve been at a plateau for a couple of days, and I was getting discouraged. This, despite the fact that my hair and skin look amazing (well, besides a few residual zits) and I feel better than I have in years.

It’s funny how fixated I am on the number on the scale, which doesn’t really matter at all. If I stayed the same weight, but had less fat and more muscle, that would actually be awesome. I’m fully willing to “tape out,” as they used to say when my husband was in the Marine Corps. I’ve lost an inch around my waist, two around my hips, and one and a half around my thigh, which is actually more important than pounds. Still, let’s not lie: I almost whooped when I saw the number on the scale.

One thing I have noticed is that I’m craving off-diet foods, and weird ones. For example, Adam and I were watching “Saturday Night Live” last night, and a commercial for margarita mix came on, and I was like, “Oh my God, that looks AMAZING.”

I don’t even usually like margaritas all that much. I mean, they’re fine, but I wouldn’t cross the street for them. I’m going to assume that this means my body is burning off a fat cell made out of margaritas.

These flowers are also called margaritas, and they are totally diet-approved.
These flowers are also called margaritas, and they are totally diet-approved.

Image: lumiago/Flickr

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12 thoughts on “Day 14 of the Fast Metabolism Diet: I Lost a Pound, and I’m Way Too Excited About It

  1. hahaha…margarita fat cells…I love your sense of humor!
    I wrote yesterday about my cravings, although they don’t seem like cravings since I can live without them, but they are more like feelings for or of something…ahhh, my English. For me, it was coffee with milk (what is interesting since I rarely drink it with milk). However, absolutely no cravings for sweets!!! So great.

    Congratulations on one more pound! Amazing results Jennie! So encouraging!!!

    One more thing, with this diet, this is the first time that I don’t feel I can’t wait to finish it, so I can “pig out” into all forbidden food. No, nothing…I am strongly convinced I will continue with the similar eating plan after. Anyway, I will do one more round in June.

    Good, good luck everyone!

    1. Violet, I loved your comment about coffee. It’s not the same for me culturally, but within the subculture of my family, coffee is a huge big deal. My mom almost fainted away when I told her I’d given it up.

      1. I told you 🙂 We don’t drink coffee for the caffeine sake, it is a socializing part, or your own runaway to some relaxing oasis if you work a lot, or home alone, or just “that” moment for I, me, myself….:)

        (I am not even such a big coffee drinker, but this diet started to make me very poetic about coffee…haha, first side-effects)

  2. Congrats Jennie! I am so glad you are looking good and feeling even better.

    I need some advice. After 6 days, I have gained one pound. Not sure if I should quit or keep going. I have hashimotos and antiovarian autoimmune disorder so it’s really tough for me. I am a hormonal mess. I wish I could find a provider that could treat more than just symptoms:)

    1. Tas,
      After the first 4 days, I gained 1.4lbs. I don’t have any problems with thyroid or hormones, but as you can see I still gained. I also lose very slowly in comparison with other people. In 2 weeks, I lost a bit over 4lbs. No worries, just continue.

      If you can, read the previous posts. Girls have had very different experience, since we are all different. We all agree in one thing: we all feel better! (that’s what matter 🙂 )

      Good luck! Come to the blog any time you feel you are losing it (I am sure Jennie won’t mind).

    2. I agree with Violet. I had almost completed 3 weeks and was only down 7 lbs and had gained 2 lbs in there as well. What Jennie Smash and others have reminded me is that I feel a lot better and this is not THAT hard of a diet to stay on.

      So I just got back from my Wedding weekend and I was ‘off’ the diet although I tried to continue to pick smart choices in restaurants, I did partake in coffee and some dairy and alcohol .. and sugar. I had already planned to start with day 1 tomorrow, but what I didn’t expect and was OH SO PLEASED is that I was down 2 lbs – and in the evening to boot. That tells me that my metabolism is already on the mend.

      As I have a total of about 50 more lbs to go starting over isin’t that different than starting week 4.

  3. So funny about the margaritas! I love them, that was my go to drink. Only made fresh, no bottled mix. I miss them very much. We had my sons communion party last night, in a restaurant with full bar, and I did well. I. only cub soda. I did miss a snack In between lunch and dinner. I also had ordered off the menu and they were very accommodating. All in all, starting week 4, I am still at the same weight as starting week 3, so i am discouraged. I am happy to see the light at the end of the tunnel. The light is coming from the sweat off the sides of my margarita glass.

      1. Me too. I am going to target tomorrow and see if they have those crazy green jumbo margarita glasses.

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