Day 13 of the Fast Metabolism Diet: Healing Crisis

The past few days have been a little rough. Not only have I not lost any weight since Tuesday, but my face was breaking out like a teenager’s. Every stubborn clogged pore I had (and I knew where every one was, believe me) turned into a volcanic zit overnight. Also, I was super sleepy, possibly in part because when I was awake, I was as anxious and wired as someone who had just had three espressos. All of this in combination leads me to believe that I spent most of week two in a healing crisis.

For those of you who aren’t total woowoo frootloops like me, I will explain. A healing crisis, supposedly, is when your body starts trying to flush toxins and other baddies faster than it can cope. So while you’re getting better, you feel (and look) like shit on toast. People report all kinds of symptoms, from joint paint to poor coordination. This time, I got a bunch of zits and a persistent need to nap. Also, my body was holding onto the fat, because that’s how it likes to cope with pollution, apparently.

Before you go all bananas on this, I should mention that not everyone believes that healing crises even exist. I looked for links for you, and 90 percent of the sites I found featured marching ants and a harp playing in the background whenever I moused over a link. Still, having been through this twice, I’m inclined to believe. (First time was for candida and I would never wish that on my worst enemy. I spent two days feeling drunk and six weeks looking for my house keys.)

When I woke up this morning, however, my skin looked better and I felt amazing and well-rested, so maybe the worst is behind me. How are you all feeling this fine day?

This is what Flickr associates with the term "healing crisis."
This is what Flickr associates with the term “healing crisis.”

Image: marsmet541/Flickr

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12 thoughts on “Day 13 of the Fast Metabolism Diet: Healing Crisis

  1. Hi Jennie,
    As long as you feel ok, everything else is fine.
    I am not sure I see any changes on my skin (except more and more wrinkles, which prove I had a fun life and laughed a lot so far 🙂 ).
    I feel fine too. Had big plans of million errands and jobs to do this weekend, but I feel so great at home doing nothing (so typical). I think I will take my camera, go to the park and try to get a couple of good shots.

    btw. I have been dreaming of a good cup of coffee for the last couple of days…not so much for the caffeine need, but for that cozy feeling of nice, warm, a bit sweet and milky cup of my relaxing time….I am from Mediterranean part of Europe and hope you all understand that for us coffee is not just a beverage, it is religion 🙂

    and the update for my group of slow-losers…day 13, and -4.5lbs…for somebody maybe not enough, but for me YEAH!!!

  2. I am so glad that you both are doing and feeling fine. I have been dealing with stress and not very happy with my weight loss (day 13, -3 lbs). I had decided that I was going to take a break until Monday and start over. However, I could not do it..l am afraid!! Although I am disappointed in the fact that I have lost so few pounds, I am overjoyed that my cravings are quiet! I love the fact that now I am enjoying crunching on celery instead of hard candy( maybe it’s the crunch). I am afraid if I stop, my cravings will return. My body has had more veggies in the past 13 days than it has had in a looong

    1. Time. Weight loss is slow, but body is getting healthier daily. The comments have really helped.

      1. Darlene,

        I had an emotional day on Wednesday. Some things didn’t go as I hoped they would, and that completely ruined the vision of my future. That was the first time I didn’t have a need to give up on everything and give in to food. This plan doesn’t make me to pick up a bagel in the morning or have a quick bag of pretzels because I am in the rush. Look at my results, same as yours (1 lbs more less doesn’t make a big difference), but I’ll stick with the plan because I feel better.
        I was thinking while I was walking this morning how despite not losing much I don’t have that feeling of everything “boiling” from my bra or pants or underwear as I used to feel every time I had a meal. I personally feel lighter and better, and no least amount of lost pounds can ever change that.
        If you feel like cheating with some food, or you feel desperate to change something, do it this weekend, bit just a little bit. Trust me, that short feeling of chewing the extra food will give you just a temporary satisfaction of a few seconds while the food touches your taste-buds, but knowing from experience, it is not worthy the guilt after that. Don’t punish yourself by starting the new 28 days again on Monday, because it will be too long then to be on diet for 42 days. Continue like nothing happened and see what will happen after 28 days.

  3. Yes I felt the exact same way in week two. So tired and tummy issues. Also a few breakouts. I have been feeling much better now in week 3. A little emotional and still not much weight loss. (10lbs total). I know that the next 8 days will not be bringing me another 10 pound loss, so I am sad. Really work hard and stay with the program. This is for long term healing!!!!(that’s my new montra!)

    1. Ladies, I am totally in agreement with you. My energy level is wonderful, another great thing about this program. It is 1:25am and I am in the kitchen cooking for next week. Together we will make it and be very healthy individuals.

    2. Think of it this way, though: even if you didn’t lose a single extra pound (which you totally will), you still would have lost an average of 2.5 pounds a week. That’s way more than average for any diet plan. You’re doing a fantastic job.

      I hear you about the frustration, though. I definitely had visions of putting in one hard month and waking up looking like the old me, before thyroid problems. Still, I think it’s been a good head start on getting back to that place.

  4. Good morning everyone!

    I am feeling great, I love phase 3, and I’m pretty happy with myself. I went through some frustration because I wasn’t loosing weight and then I took the author’s advice..”Relax and stop beating yourself up.” So for the last few days I didn’t exactly stick to the meal schedule. Don’t get me wrong…I stayed to the list but I didn’t use all of her recipies and my snacks weren’t as well organized; instead of a “proper snack” I would refill my water bottle, grab a few raw almonds and go on with my day and guess what….I’m down an additional 3 pounds. 🙂 10 pounds in 2 weeks now and I’m so happy. What’s weird is I use to loose about 10 pounds and not look any different but I actually SEE the difference in my body now! I hope you guys are measuring….I’m down 1.5 inches in my waist. I mean.. I CAN ACTUALLY SEE MY WAIST! I even went outside without my spanx tank top and I felt OK about it. Even if my weight loss stops for the next 2 weeks I am going to be OK knowing that I lost 10 pounds in a month.

    I understand the frustration, but this plan really works; it’s wonky and tough, but it does work.

    Bring on week 3!

  5. I ♡ the word wonky 🙂
    You all are doing fantastic! After reading your day where you were questioning whether to start over and the points that everyone was making, my mom & I decided to start all over yesterday. We’re not looking at it as a waste of time or anything because we both lost weight but we didn’t want to let any slip ups that we had during the last week to cause any worry or confusion as to whether or not its truly been a pure 28 days. There were a few days where we didn’t eat within 30 mins of waking, more than 4 hrs between our meals and we weren’t doing the exercises like we should’ve. Sooooo…we decided to have a cheat day before starting over. Sunday we ate what we wanted but still did good. We didn’t stuff ourselves on junk. The worst of it was I had a turkey burger on a sweet onion roll, a little ice cream, a string cheese and a margarita. NEVER AGAIN! I have been feeling like garbage ever since. Bloated, indigestion, and now dealing with the cravings that I was already past. If any of you decide to take a break or start over…stick close to the plan. You’ll be hating life later if you don’t. :-/

  6. Thanks for your text…it’s the first one I find about feeling drunk! I went on a 15 day water fast and since I started to eat 4 days ago, I’ve been feeling like shit! 2 days without walking and vomiting because I was too dizzy. Yesterday it was fine and thought that everything was over but then again today I feel like the most drunk in this world. I have energy but can’t walk!
    Some sites say that the yeast while dying produces alcohol ….and other sites say that maybe it’s all the toxins and medication I took for migraines that go back in the blood.
    I dont know whar to think but I feel like dying!

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