Day 10 of the Fast Metabolism Diet: Time Management

I have PT at 9 this morning, which put me in a bind in terms of making my Spanish egg white scramble. There’s a lot of chopping and prepping, and if I’d been thinking, I would have cut everything up last night, but instead I got up this morning and went, “Whoops.”

I ate my egg white snack instead, and will have breakfast after PT. Better than going on an empty stomach, especially since my physical therapist is threatening to make me do a lot of ab work. Since I have no abs to work with, I expect I’ll need some protein in order to build some.

I lost .8 pounds. Total loss = 7.4 pounds in 10 days. I hear week two is slower, but I’m still amazed by how fast this is going. I’m past really minding the absence of wheat or dairy or sugar (or alcohol), and I’m mostly fine with the caffeine, except for last night when I went to my writer’s group on six hours of sleep and eight hours of work, and then I really could have used a jolt.

Which reminds me: the bored barista is our enemy right now, dieting pals. We tried a new place last night, specifically because it had a lot of tea on the menu, and I made sure to ask if the tea was herbal, no caffeine, and not sweetened, and the angry teenager behind the bar assured me it was. (I say assured. It was more like she rolled her eyes and said, “Yuh.”) I took one sip and knew that there was a) at least a little caffeine, and b) some kind of fake sweetener which now tasted like a chemical accident to my revirginized taste buds.

I got a mineral water instead. Have you guys run into any problems in restaurants?


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23 thoughts on “Day 10 of the Fast Metabolism Diet: Time Management

  1. Good morning!

    I haven’t had any trouble yet, but the only time I was in a restaurant was last week during phase 2; protien, salad with no dressing is pretty easy to eat anywhere you go I guess.

    Weight loss has stalled here also which shouldn’t surprise me as I had a really good week last week and I keep remembering how tough the constestants on “The Biggest Loser” have it when they hit week two. Don’t pop my bubble….I know I’m not going to have that kind of success but it’s the only thing keeping me from running to the car and getting a couple Egg McMuffins and washing it all down with a Large Dunkin Donut’s coffee with extra cream.

    Let’s all keep up the good work and thanks Jenny for sharing your blog with us it seems like it’s turned into a little Fast Metabolism Diet support group. 🙂 I hope everything goes well for you at PT.

    1. It did! We did exercises with a big foam roller.

      As you say, I think it’s normal for weight loss to slow down a bit in the second week of any diet. We must persevere!

  2. I am also on day 10, and have only lost 5 lbs and am very sad today. I didn’t measure my body like we were told to do, but wish I would have because I think I would be more encouraged! Pants are baggie…very good thing. Had last weekend at our lake home with company and stuck to my diet like a champ, but didn’t loose a pound. Today we have a staff lunch and I am on phase 2 so protein and veggie or salad is planned! I’ve already scoped out the menu! Considering ordering some of the bars on the Fast Metabolism Diet website….has anyone tried them? Don’t want to spend close to $50.00 and hate them..

    1. Five pounds is great, though! How much do you have to lose?

      I haven’t tried any of the bars, but off-hand, I’d always go with eating food-food on a diet like this. I mean, they’re Haylie’s recipe, so I’m sure they’re good, but I think you’ll be more satisfied and stick with it longer if you really eat. (Or maybe I’m talking about myself.)

    1. I am avoiding restaurants like the plague! It’s just too hard when I see all those other yummy choices that I’m not supposed to have. BTW I love this blog and hearing everyone’s experiences while doing this diet. And Yay for us for making it to day 10!

  3. Hello everybody,
    I am never sure with the teas, but shouldn’t Chamomile be caffeine/sugar/anything free?
    I looks like I need to stick with the water only in the restaurants and out….today I had +1.4lb….I am really puzzled. I don’t even know how I felt when I saw the scale result – not disappointing, no angry, but just plain. After that experience I couldn’t even eat a half of this morning egg-whites/spinach breakfast.
    I really don’t know what I am doing wrong?

    1. I feel like it should be, but I have no idea!

      Re: the scale … I wouldn’t worry about one weird day. You never know what’s up. Maybe you’re stressed, maybe you’re bloated, maybe the restaurant snuck gluten into your meal. Just keep your head up and eat the full portions. I think you’ll be worse off if you cut back now. What do the rest of youse guyses think?

      1. Thanks Jennie!
        I didn’t eat in the restaurant at all, just the food I make at home according to the recipes from the book. I had vegetarian protein (lentils) instead of the meat protein for dinner over the weekend. Maybe I should stick to only one kind of protein (meat, instead of starches)?

        I am not going to give up 🙂 The pounds maybe won this battle, but they are not going to win the war 🙂

        To be honest, I never thought I would lose 20lbs in 28 days, but I also didn’t think I will lose maybe 5lbs all together….

    1. Violet, after week one, I went up about 2 lbs. I don’t know why either. I was PISSED. I am on day 17 and down about 7 lbs. Today’s loss was `.1 w/e. I will be staring over this coming Monday anyway and then again ALMOST completing – After that, I’ll get a straight 4 weeks in. I have the Audio Book of The FMD, and relistened (not really a word I don’t think) to it again yesterday. She is really a great writer and really explains everything in great detail. Anyway, I think my problem is I am just not eating enough. Never giving up …

  4. I’m up 2lbs so I’ve now decided I’m not going to look at the scale except 1x a week (versus every day). Also because I have so much weight to lose I’m supposed eat 2 whole extra portions above what the recipe calls for so if it’s 1 cup of Quinoa, then I should be eating 3 cups! There is NO way I can eat that much. I’ve been finding that 1 to 1.5 portions works well for me. Also I found this today on Haylie Pomroy’s FB page. Sharing is caring!! =)

  5. I know there was some confusion on things in the book that some of you were pointing out and some of that may be answered at the link I posted above. One of the forums is about Recipes and Food and then under that is a topic called Recipe updates from the FMD book. There are corrections listed to some of the recipes there.

  6. Oh! Oh! Jerky recipe!
    Homemade Beef Jerky:Appropriate for Phase Two of The Fast Metabolism Diet
    Makes 4 to 5 servings
    1 to 1 1/2 pounds organic beef round steak
    1/4 cup tamari
    Juice of 1 lime or lemon
    1/2 tsp. onion salt
    1/4 tsp. garlic powder
    1/4 tsp. black pepper
    1/8 tsp. sea salt
    1/8 tsp. crushed red pepper flakes
    Trim and discard all fat from the meat. Cut into strips approximately 5 inches long and 1/2 inch wide.In a large, resealable plastic bag, combine the remaining ingredients. Add the meat to the bag, seal bag, and toss to coat. Refrigerate and let marinate for 8 hours or overnight.
    Drain and discard the marinade. Put the meat in a dehydrator (if you have one) or on wire racks with a foil-lined baking sheet underneath. Arrange meat strips 1/4 inch apart on racks.
    Bake uncovered at 200 degrees for 6 to 7 hours, or until meat is dry and leathery. Remove from oven; cool completely. Refrigerate or freeze in an airtight container.

  7. Ok, maybe not. While trying to navigate around on this new tablet of mine I accidentally clicked a link under your categories section.

    Not only am I liking you…but your coworker Dennis. ♡

    I spied one on granny pants….I’m going to be here for hours.

    1. Oh, Dennis is amazing and everything he says is amazing. I could write a book solely based on things he’s said. But I think that would be stealing.

  8. My husband and I are at the same point that you are… starting on day 11, ph2 day 2. We have stuck very very close to the diet… save 1 or 2 oops on my part. Last week, I lost 6 lbs (I have 20 -25 to lose), hubster lost 12 (with 50 to lose). This week… like 1 lb each… if we’re stretching it. We have been WAY more careful this week than last. Clothes feel looser and feel better overall, and while it’s disheartening to not lose anything, we’re hangin’ in.

  9. Just got back from a trip to DC to visit my daughter. Did pretty well on the diet plan. Upscale seafood restaurant for dinner on Saturday night and I was able to get the crab stuffed shrimp with wild rice and a salad. I did have a wine spritzer though 😦 Travel day on Monday was harder to do phase one but I had a Subway sub on multigrain bread and loaded it with veggies. Back on track since Tuesday. I am cutting out one day of phase 2 due to my Monday being so messed up and hoping it will be ok.
    Belinda-thanks for the jerky recipe. I paid $5 for a bag while traveling!!

  10. Ya…I was wondering if anyone would be interested in it like I was. I need quick snacky things because of my schedule but was having a hard time finding nitrate free jerky and when I did it wad almost $10 for a small bag. No thanks, I’ll just make my own. On the positive side of my quest for jerky I stumbled across a protein shake thats called 100% Egg Protein by a company called Healthy N Fit. I looked at the ingredients, its all natural, no artificial flavors sweeteners or colors, sweetened with stevia. I bought the chocolate flavor. Its actually better than any protein shake I’ve ever tried and has 22g of protein, no fat or cholesterol. It does contain soy lecithin but its the very last ingredient so I don’t see it being a problem on this FMD program. Its not gritty, mixes with water very easily. The hardest phase for me is phase 2 because I don’t eat that much meat and this phase makes me feel ill eating that much meat. This was perfect! I’m going to try to get a response from one of Haylie Pomroy’s admins to see if this product is ok to use.

      1. I don’t think I heard anything else about the protein powder, but I guess it might help, if it isn’t made with soy or corn. That’s the trick — so many things have off-limits food hidden away inside.

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