Day 9 of the Fast Metabolism Diet: Lady Godiva, Sans Horse

This morning, I stripped off all my clothes before weighing myself, and I am not ashamed. The needle, so to speak, was waving around when I was clothed: unclothed, it showed a loss of .6 pounds. Whether or not my yoga pants weigh .6 pounds is a matter of debate. I’m counting it anyway, because I have no morals.

I think I would have had a better result with or without disrobing, if I hadn’t missed a snack yesterday and been kind of stressed out after a doctor’s appointment about my back. (No bad news, just the usual irritating stuff about pain management and trying to describe what’s going on in language that they can hear.)

I totally believe that bit about stress hormones. Some people lose weight when they’re stressed: others, like me, puff up like toads. At least I managed to get a lot of fast, angry walking in after my appointment. I’m totally counting that as exercise. Today, I’m concentrating on staying calm and getting all my snacks in. Hopefully, I’ll see more movement on the scale tomorrow.

Next time, I'm going to ride in on a horse.
Next time, I’m going to ride in on a horse.

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8 thoughts on “Day 9 of the Fast Metabolism Diet: Lady Godiva, Sans Horse

  1. I also am on my second week, day 8 was yesterday,
    . Have not seen the scale move this week. But that’s ok. I have lost 8 total. I have heard the second week things don’t move much!

  2. Yeah… I didn’t see a lot happen the second week except for the scale going up a bit, but I am hoping week 3 is better. (I wasn’t as disciplined as I should have been either.)

    I am feeling a bit frustrated and need a quick vent session / pep talk. I went to the doctor yesterday… just annual nonsense…. and she told me “well its obvious… you just eat too much.” After trying to explain all the different things I have tried, the half marathons I run, the counting 1100 calories… that is her answer for me. (I have hated this doctor for a long time but have been too lazy to switch)

    I really need to see results and soon… this is making me crazy. 😦

    1. Ugh, this is so familiar to me. My doctors did this when I gained 40 pounds with my thyroid problem. Is your doctor thin? I had a very thin, fit doc who clearly wanted to believe that the reason she looked the way she did was because she was doing everything right — unlike poor, benighted me.

      1. She sure is… but I remember a time when she wasn’t… she is just such a hypocrite all round! The hassle she gives me for wanting a note for massage therapy (for my insurance) each year is ridiculous… I have a long history of back injury including broken vertebrates (dick horse) and muscle trauma (dick me!)

        And yes, I too am asking myself why I am still with this doctor!

    2. Urghhh…just love this moments when doctors, and some other completely foreign people to me, tell me what I do wrong and what should I do with my life…with an accent on “it’s not by business, but in my opinion…”
      The interesting thing is that most of them see me as a couch potato who eats bacon, doughnuts and chips all day long, because I have 20 or 30 lbs more than perfect proportions should be… and that’s absolutely not true! I never understood some of my friends who would have an appetizer, dinner, dessert, beer or a couple of cocktails and always be skinny, while I always tried to take precautions when it comes to eating appetizer and dessert, and drinking beer, or having cocktails, since that one meal would give me 10lbs in a day…well, you would wonder.

      Julia, I hope your today’s experience is past already. Don’t believe everything that doctors say..what do they know anyway…:)

      Jennie, hello….

  3. I am on day 2 of the 1st week and not going to weigh until the end of week 1. I feel pretty hungry and sluggish. No coffee is tough! Have about 20 to lose and have been trying to overcome thia battle for years. I also have hashimotos (thyroid) and pcos so needless to say, its a battle. Have tried everything: low carb, low calorie etc…. Gonna follow the blog for inspiration!

    1. Day 2 of the 1st week almost done. It was much better than I thought it would be. Hubby is a big help as he ate the same dinners with me the last 2 nights and actually enjoyed them and said he would eat them again. I just hope the following dinners turn out as good as these last 2.
      I’m a bit apprehensive about starting the 2nd phase because I read some people say that it was more difficult with all the proteins and no fruits. I love veggies so I hope this will get me through. I already pre prepped a lot of veggies so that I can run right to them if I feel the extreme hunger monster jump on me!

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