Day 7 of the Fast Metabolism Diet: Rock Steady

The number on the scale wobbled lower this morning by a few tenths of a pound, and I was tempted to take that as my number, but I’ve decided to be the bigger person (smaller person?) and wait until tomorrow. I’m pretty confident that once Aunt Flo has settled in, I’ll see a difference.

Either way, the craziest thing is how good I feel. Right now, I feel like I could do this forever. In reality, that would mean never eating pasta in Italy again, which was one of my favorite things that ever happened to me, so I probably won’t keep going at this level. But I could see hauling out this diet again when I feel bloated or low-energy.

Speaking of energy: I have no caffeine withdrawal symptoms left, except that I seem to need a nap in the afternoon. I’m starting to think that this is just how I am, though, and I never realized it, because I was so busy pumping my system full of coffee. I know we can’t move to an island and adopt a more bucolic lifestyle, but there’s something to be said for trying to listen to our bodies as much as we can, given the constraints of our lives, don’t you think? Naps for everyone, is my point.

Anyway, it’s a gorgeous day out. I limped around the neighborhood for awhile with Adam, and found a place that sells organic iced tea about two blocks from my house. One of my favorite things about New York is that it’s actually a bunch of different cities, all layered together. You can live here as a hard-drinking, highly caffeinated person or an all-organic, yoga-loving, vegan person, or anything in between.

This was pointing at the farmer's market down the street. It's literally a sign!
This was pointing at the farmer’s market down the street. It’s literally a sign!

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11 thoughts on “Day 7 of the Fast Metabolism Diet: Rock Steady

    1. Going for about three weeks, until I go home and attend my friend’s beer and cheese birthday party, and then hang out with my folks for a few days. I’m bringing the recipes with me, though, and I’ll probably resume most of the plan after.

    2. About the naps … I have always loved a good nap person (taking naps in my car when necessary) and found I needed them when I was drinking my coffee – but now – end of week 2, I find I don’t get so sleepy in the afternoons anymore. That’s a big wow for me!

      About stoping prior to 28 days. As I had said before, I will have to be off for a weekend around day 19. I’ll start again, but then get interrupted around day 26 (almost to 28). I just remember Halie saying it takes a full 28 days to get your metabolism working properly again. So after the second hiccup, I will have a straight 28 days to go. As I have 60 lbs to lose (53 now), I will have to stay on for a while anyway. [5’11 and weigh 212 ~ goal is 150]

      1. Oh, I know — I’ll have to do the whole month to get the full effect, and probably will in the fall. But I think in the meantime, what I’ll probably do is stick to it very strictly for the three weeks, go to the party, and then do a more relaxed version as my new normal. I definitely don’t need as much wheat and dairy as I was eating, and I think I’ll stick to the no caffeine as well.

  1. I’ve been doing the nap thing lately too, in the early evening. I just kinda thought it was aunt flo but now I’m thinking maybe not? Hmm
    My mom and I made the coconut curry chicken this weekend, it was really good. Everyone at the house that night ended up eating it but still had enough leftovers for her and I to have it for dinner tonight. I thought it tasted even better after all the flavors marinated together overnight. And I’m pretty sure, since starting this, that I’ve learned I probably do have a wheat allergy.

    1. I actually have been doing the opposite, more energy. I used to fall asleep every night around 9:30. Now I am wide awake.

  2. I agree… I am now on Day 15… starting week 3 and I am amazed at how much better I feel. I wasn’t super good / super strict over the weekend and went up a pound. But Sunday I sorted myself out and was down again this morning… go figure.

    With respect to being interrupted (life happens) I have a girlfriend who is doing the Clean Eating diet and she has lost over 25 pounds now. Even just eating clean-er I think makes a big difference on those days when we can’t lug a massive cooler around. (I can’t get over how much I have to eat!) I also had a bit of a “wine incident” (happens) which didn’t seem to be too detrimental when I drank 5 pails of water afterwards.

    So, instead of being too cocky for week 3 as Haylie identified, I am going to try to be even stricter with myself. Wish me luck!

    1. Please, my autobiography is entitled “The Wine Incident.” I’m sure that’s one reason I feel so great right now — 8 days of no alcohol at all.

      Good luck to you! You’re going to do awesome.

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