Day 5 of the Fast Metabolism Diet: The Demon Rum

I’m down 5.4 pounds now, and everyone is trying to get me to go for a drink. I’m perfectly willing, as long as no one minds me drinking club soda. And they don’t mind — as long as I do it far away from them.

I’m kidding, sort of, and also, I don’t really blame them. Having a few drinks by yourself while your friend drinks club soda is like the opening part of an After School Special, with your friend cast as the Good Girl Who Is Going Places and you cast as the One Who Went Wrong. Who needs that kind of stress after a hard day’s work?

It does make me realize, though, why recovering alcoholics often wind up with all new friends, especially in this city. It’s not just that you have to skip the outings that involve drinking — it’s that all the outings involve drinking. (Again, this might just be New York.)

In any case, I’m not breaking the plan now. I have to finish a little early, because I’m going on a trip later in May, and there’s no real way for me to do this while I’m away, so I want to stick to it as strictly as I can while I’m doing it. This is the first time I’ve lost weight in years, and I don’t want to blow it by turning myself into a human wineskin.


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15 thoughts on “Day 5 of the Fast Metabolism Diet: The Demon Rum

  1. LOL… this plan has made me realize how much I drank. Yikes! Maybe that is where the loss is coming from?!?! Ah well… I am facing similar challenges managing that. Everything is centred around going for a drink, pouring a glass of wine, etc. I have taken to pouring literally a half splash of white wine and then diluting it with a ton of fizzy mineral water…. I feel like a kid pretending to play grownup. šŸ˜¦

    Small rant… last night I purchased a digital scale. My old analoge scale was weird… the numbers would change depending on how I stood on it. I thought having an accurate single # would be a good thing.

    I hate my new scale. Digital accuracy is highly over-rated.

  2. Alcohol. White wine in particular. Hard to resist when everyone around is enjoying theirs. Loudly, it seems. But… Yesterday was Day 11. -9 1/2 lbs. how cool is that???? Love your blog btw…:)

    1. That IS cool! You’re giving me hope. I’m nervous that things will slow way down in the second week, and I’ll fall off the wagon. (Either the wine wagon or the wheat wagon.)

  3. Great blog and comments from fellow dieters. I am on day 1 of week 2. Lost 4 pounds 1st week. Are y’all finding discrepancies between the portion sizes the book gives on page 104 and the recipes? Fruit portion is 1 piece or 1 cup yet all the Phase 1 breakfast recipes work out to only 1/2 cup fruit per serving. There are several other instances where this happens as well. Needless to say, I am going with page 104, it wondered what y’all think?

  4. Congratulation on lost pounds Jennie and Anita!
    Julia, do not talk to the scale anymore! It doesn’t deserve it šŸ™‚

    Jennie, I hope you won’t mind if I tag along on your blog. Hopefully, the other girls from yesterday will join us too.

    I see that Tena and Andria had the same problem as me (bathroom). It is not that I am constipated but without morning coffee, it is not the same. I want that “feeling light” feeling, so I can continue with my day.

    Thank you for suggestions Belinda. I have used the Smooth Move tea before, and if things don’t get better, will use it again. Congratulations on your result! I had 153 once šŸ™‚ …like 5 years ago, but then,I was experimenting with all kinds of diets + fasting. I don’t think I work out too much, since I don’t go to gym or do any other exercises except walking. Today I did 1 mile in the park only, same as I will tomorrow and on Sunday.

    So, my day was great so far. I probably have the weirdest body and mind. After being so hungry and tired yesterday, today I wasn’t hungry at all!!!! What da…..? I slept longer, and couldn’t have breakfast within 30 minute of waking up (Mea Culpa), but had it after 1 1/2 (I pretend like nothing happened). I made mistake today and had strawberries with the oatmeal..realized later on when I looked at the book that they were not P3 fruit…Oh well….It is 8.30pm and I am not hungry for my second snack at all. Such a weirdo…I mean, after yesterday…today, I don’t need food???? I told to myself today that it is my first time for this food plan, and of course it will be mistakes.

    Also, going out tonight…before I would give in and have a glass of wine, or cake because it was somebody’s birthday, or somebody’s wedding, or holidays, or somebody invited me for dinner and I would ate because I felt bad since they cooked for me etc. but NOT anymore. I really can’t give in anymore, because there is always something…People/friends can be so annoying sometimes when you don’t want to drink. I don’t know why is it so important for them to tease me, or make me give in. Ahh humans. It will not happened tonight!

    Greetings to everybody!
    And girls, we can do it.

    Btw. got so happy when I saw that I can have lentils instead of meat (vegetarian)…can”t wait to have it tomorrow.

    1. Welcome, Violet! Re the strawberries … I think blackberries and blueberries are P3 fruits, so if you miss berries, you can always get those. I was wishing I had some this morning. Waiting for groceries to arrive and I didn’t have any tomatoes or berries to go with breakfast. My brain shut down. I was actually muttering to myself in the kitchen. “Berries, berries … what exactly is jicama, anyway?”

      1. I love Jicama. It is a white vegetable that you can cut in sticks like carrots or celery. It has a mild taste but is juicy to the bite. Great with lime and Perfect with hummus. šŸ™‚ If you have a Whole Foods market near you, they sell them in the refrigerator section already sliced up.

    2. I had the opposite issue with giving up my coffee, dairy and sugar. I had the runs from the second day through the 7th day. all good now. Also the headaches and extreme lower back pain. All points to toxin releases. I have / had (?) adrenal issues for years, so this could be why my toxin release was different.

      1. Ugh, that sounds awful. I have some adrenal issues, and although I got through the headachey period pretty fast, I seem to be stupider now without caffeine. Also, I need a nap every afternoon. What the hell, I’m just taking them. What’s the point of being a freelancer if I can’t take a nap?

  5. Jennie, thanks for this blog. Makes me laugh as I go through this (not so horrible) process. I am nearing the end of my second week. Love being in phase 3. And I agree – phase 2 is my least favorite. I am down 6 lbs so far. I have my wedding ceremony the beginning of May and the reception the end of May so these two thing will pull me off track, but I’ll get to my goal … no doubt with this program.

  6. this post is too funny. my husband seems to sulk when he drinks and I don’t. he wants me to be healthy and lose weight, since that is what I want to do, however, he isn’t too excited about it changing his life. boo hoo! haha!

    1. That’s totally it! And when it’s friends, and you don’t see them all the time, I think they’re kind of like, “Improve your life on your own time, lady.”

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