Manderley, Again

I reread “Rebecca” yesterday, instead of doing any work, because I couldn’t face it. I just came off of about ten straight days of either slogging along on various projects at home, or sitting in a conference trying to cram more facts into my poor little head.

Monday morning, I woke up with every intention of getting ahead on a few things, only to find that my brain didn’t work anymore. I mean, it was on strike. I tried to convince it to do a little light editing, but it insisted that we stay in bed til 11 and read gothic fiction from the 1930s. What are you going to do?

The whole thing apparently turned me into an English Literature student again, because I’ve been thinking about the book ever since. This is not making work any easier today, but it’s making my IM conversations more fruitful. For instance:

Me: I feel like it’s secretly time for a vacation.

Dennis: Oh god, right?

Me: I can’t even. I just want to look up conflicting theories about Daphne du Maurier all day long. She was a lesbian! She was a man! She was a transman! She loved parties! She hated them!

Me: The antagonist in “Rebecca” was a) Rebecca, b) Mrs. Danvers, c) THE PATRIARCHY. (The answer, as always, is C.)

Dennis: Hahahaha.

Dennis: It was the Swiss nuns who made all of Rebecca’s PANTIES, let’s touch them together!

Me: Wow, that really was the gayest movie in all creation, wasn’t it?

Dennis: Thanks, Hitch!


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