5 Things That Happened While I Was, as They Say, Offline

A friend of mine who used to work as the head of blogging and social media whatsis at a software company once told me that the number one piece of advice she gave bloggers was to blog every day. The number two piece of advice was never to start off a post by apologizing about not having blogged for a long time.

This leaves me without much to say.

However, I do feel that it’s worth mentioning that I am not dead, and still do have things to talk about. For example, here are five things that happened to me while I was away:

1. I went to Cape Cod, where my nephew peed on my foot. I didn’t notice until he told me. I was not drunk. I now fully understand how moms leave the house with their own bras static-clung to their shirts.

2. I went on field trips in the city, finally. I’ve been trying to do that for about seven summers now. Sgt. Lucky and I went to the Met to look at the mummies and to the Jazz Age picnic at Governor’s Island. I learned that graffiti has been with us for centuries, and that other people are much more serious about period dress than I am. So it was educational. Image

3. I spent all summer on a diet of one sort or another, and lost a whopping three pounds. Yay?

4. I became obsessed with politics, which made me quite resentful, because I prefer to spend all my time refreshing the same three blogs and vaguely threatening to work out.

5. I went to the beach.

Some of these things will hopefully find their way into posts soon. I think I’ll spare you a post about how I sat on the beach for awhile, and it was fun, and I freckle easily, etc.

So, hi! I’m still here. If my friend the blogging and social media expert is reading, I hope she notes that I technically took at least half her advice.

Published by Jen Hubley Luckwaldt

I'm a freelance writer and editor.

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