Wisdom of the (Middle-)Aged

This is possibly my favorite project ever undertaken, and it’s better if you read about it yourself.

Quick summary from the ever-useful Metafilter: Back in October, NYT columnist David Brooks asked his older readers (aged 70+) to send him “life reports.” He wanted them to appraise their lives, in an effort to glean some life lessons for all of us to learn by. After receiving thousands of replies, he published his assessment of them a couple weeks ago, in two columns (Part 1: Nov 24, 2011; Part 2: Nov 28, 2011). He’s also selected specific ones and published them on his blog.

I’m interested in this on its own obvious merits, but I would also like to do something similar with my 35-year-old friends. We should have at least half as many life lessons to impart. What say you all?


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I'm a freelance writer and editor.

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