The Return of Ma Smash

Ma Smash has pointed out that she hasn’t had much airtime lately on the old blog, and I have promised her that I will remedy this. In return, I was allowed to stay in her house all weekend long and to help her drink all of the wine she had.

How much wine was that? Well, let’s just say it was twice as much wine as we needed, as evidenced by the fact that we decided to call my sister on speakerphone and tell her, at great length and volume, how drunk we were.

Meg, who had given birth a week before, was not impresses with our behavior. Nor was she impressed with our singing.

Oh well. Can’t please all of the people, all of the time. Come to think of it, perhaps we should have poll: How many of you readers out there in the ether would enjoy having a drunk phone call from me and my mom? Take this poll:

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2 thoughts on “The Return of Ma Smash

  1. On the contrary, I was impressed, only I was jealous! Wine, which I can’t have, with two of my favoritest people, who are too far away. Mom was silly off of her half-glass, and JSmash sounded just as coherent as ever, just a lot louder.Trust me, people, this is a phone call you would enjoy getting.

    1. Try to contemplate, people I know in real life, the horrifying idea of me + louder. I have a nice sister, is my point.

      But also, if you select one of the choices in which you’d enjoy speaking with me and my mom while we’re drunk, please also drop me a note a jenhubley AT gmail and I’ll see if I can make it happen. Mom doesn’t drink that much, but she had a good time this time, and mentioned that she totally understood, at last, why I spend so much of my free time getting a buzz on.

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