Brooklyn vs. Queens: A Comedy Throwdown

Friends of mine: If you’re in New York, you should come see my hilarious friend Sue Funke and her hilarious friends be hilarious. Details below:

On Saturday, October, 1 at 9pm comedians Liz Simons, Selena Coppock, and Sue Funke are producing a show at Gleason’s Gym in DUMBO titled, “Brooklyn vs. Queens: A Comedy Throwdown.”

The premise is to have similar standup comedians from either borough perform back-to-back. The match ups include: Brooklyn Gay vs. Queens Gay, Native Brooklyn vs. Native Queens, Blonde Brooklyn vs. Blonde Queens and, of course the girl comic-on-girl comic action of Brooklyn Lady Comic vs. Queens Lady Comic. Borough pride is on the line and the comedy brawls will be intense and hilarious.

Brooklyn vs. Queens: A Comedy Throwdown

Saturday, October 1st at 9 pm

Gleason’s Gym, 77 Front Street, 2nd floor – A/C to High Street or the F to York Street

$10 at the door plus 1 FREE drink just for coming.

Produced by Sue Funke, Selena Coppock, and Liz Simons

Saturday October 1st at 9pm

Root for your favorite borough at

The Brooklyn vs. Queens: A Comedy Throwdon at Gleason’s Gym in DUMBO


Kendra Cunningham (Brooklyn)
Leah Bonnema (Queens)
Garry Hannon (Brooklyn)
Adam Lehman (Queens)
Ophira Eisenberg (Brooklyn)
Carrie Gravenson (Queens)
Selena Coppock (Brooklyn)
Liz Simons (Queens)
…and special secret guests!!

Hosted by Sue Funke and Sean Donnelly.

It’s only $10 to enter and admission gets you 1 free drink.

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