Sgt Lucky Keeps All the Gross Things to Himself

Only not really, because he just showed me long spindle of wax that fell out of his ear. Wax falling out of his ears is not a strange occurrence, but this one was a doozy. It was the length of his thumbnail and sort of twisted, as if someone had been trying to make it into a bead.

“Ew!” I said. “That’s ga-rossss! Can we keep it?”

“In a jar? That’s what I was thinking.”

“It’s amazing. And you worked so hard on it. I think we should keep it.”

“It looks like a raisin. My mind grapes made raisins!”

But then he threw it in the trash. Maybe he doesn’t believe that he’s married to a

If you do an image search for "Fimo boogers," you get these lil guys.
lady who would keep ear boogers in a jar, just because they’re larger than normal and look like a fimo bead from 1996. But I would. I really would.

He’ll learn.

Fimo boogers courtesy of SkullMonkey5484.

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