Officially Out of Shape

I am out of shape, and here’s how I know: I was tired today, after walking a mile and a half.

Which is how long it takes me to get from the faraway subway to my house. I started taking the farther train, BTW, because I couldn’t face the gym and I figured I should start to do some kind of physical activity before I became completely spherical like Tweedle Dee and/or Dum. When you decide that walking a mile equals a workout, you are officially one walker away from water aerobics.

The good news is that I was sort of born to be an old lady. I already have a bum hip and am given to saying things like, “My stars and garters!” This, completely without irony and just because I think that’s a normal reaction to unexpected news.

Clearly, I need to start fooling Sgt. Lucky into working out with me. It will probably worsen his physical condition, but it might shame me into doing more than hobbling down the street in a straight line and calling it exercise.

Published by Jen Hubley Luckwaldt

I'm a freelance writer and editor.

3 thoughts on “Officially Out of Shape

  1. Have you tried water aerobics? It’s one of those things that can be as easy or strenuous as you want. The bigger the foam barbell, the harder it is to shove underwater – so you can really get a good workout! And look silly!

    You never have to sweat, either.

  2. Heavens to Murgatroid, that sounds like enough exercise to me!

    Plus, I agree with the above comment that you should start doing water aerobics. You could wear one of those swell nubbly bathing caps I mentioned before.

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