The Trouble With the Experiment

…is that sometime there’s not that much to say.

Today, for example, is Saturday. I slept late, ate food that wasn’t great for me, went to a museum, ate meatloaf, drank some wine. The only really interesting thing that happened is that both Sgt. Lucky and I agreed that it’s painful to stand for too long, especially it it’s at the Guggenheim, which forces you to stand on a sloping floor for three hours. And that’s not all that interesting.

We did discover that it’s football season, which neither of us knew. We learned this, because the dive bar we were at didn’t feature TVs, and many people complained about it.

Sgt. Lucky did come up with several interesting names names for the Kandinskys viewed, including:

1) Find the Pony!
2) Bowler Hats in Windstorm
3) Sharp Bumholes at the Top of the Stairs

The latter we hope to secure in reproduction for our home. Also, we hope to get the elevator that took us from the top of the spiral back down to street.

Published by Jen Hubley Luckwaldt

I'm a freelance writer and editor.

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